Star of the Magi Spread for July 12 – 18, 2015


This is my first time doing the Star of the Magi Spread. I had seen it on Seven Card Spread and fell in love with the layout but I hesitated using it because I’m not a projections kinda fan. I save my Daily Draws (if I do them) for the evening so that I can reflect on the day instead of focus on energies that may or may not manifest according to which cards I pull. I will pull them early if I’m called to but those days are very few and far between. Somehow, I felt like my Fountain deck was calling me to engage it in this beautiful spread on July 12 and I’m so glad I did it! It was quite beautiful and I left it out on the coffee table for me to look at while I get ready for work the next morning!

Sunday (Sun): True Self, Ego, Life Force, Money

How to get your life force revitalized: Knight of Cups

Hello old friend! I’m so happy this is here for today because today was quite the lovely day. I lived my day as though it were a romance movie (kinda sorta). My bf and I fluttered around doing laundry, lunch with my Dad and fun “couple-y” things like buying shared items (groceries, household items, etc). It was such a wonderful day full of romance and daydreaming. Not gonna lie – I was bummed when we had to part ways. But tomorrow is another day!

Monday (Moon): Emotions, Changes, Journeys

How to get your emotional needs met: Page of Cups

Imagination, curiosity, wonder…Hmmm…Interesting. At work tomorrow, I’ll be having some work reviewed and it’s off to the races to get a certain large project started (to be completed by Wednesday – eep!). Maybe I need to employ this sense of wonderment to help get the project going in a positive way. I will also have to apply whatever feedback comes back to the work being reviewed. Maybe some creativity will be needed there, though I’m pretty confident that the feedback will be positive. But maybe that’s my Page of Cups talking… (also I might join the Q the A podcast gents on their hangout Monday night?)

Tuesday (Mars): Ambition, Energy, Risk

How you express your energy. Your drives: Three of Cups

Celebrate! This might go along the lines of one of my 3-Card July reads (can’t remember which one) but I like to prematurely celebrate a job well done. It sounds like it will actually be a job well done in this case! What drives me is the party. I always love a good wrap party! I love it when I get to share a job well done with others too! Positivity, joy, happiness…what more could I ask for?!

Wednesday (Mercury): Communication, Business Matters

Your communication style. What stimulates you intellectually: Page of Swords

I love what The Fountain’s LWB says: ‘Bold curiosity’. What stimulates me intellectually? Risk-taking, learning quickly, confidence. It’s no surprise that I love confident people and while I’m learning a few things about myself doing the Obscure Sorrows Tarot Challenge, I’m breaking into a more confident person. I’m becoming more confident in myself, my actions, my choices and I trust these ‘swords’ because they are my element, after all. My words are my swords and my swords are getting more and more precise as each day passes. For good, of course!

Thursday (Jupiter): Faith, Luck, Abundance

How you achieve a sense of faith and optimism: XV The Devil

At first, I was annoyed that this card would be here but then I realized that Thursday starts my vacation! Why wouldn’t I be a slave to indulgence that day? But I also need to practice extreme honesty with myself. Like, do I really need to be at the pool for 4 hours today or should I really eat ice cream all day? Just kidding! I’ll probably do something boring like clean or prepare a meal for when my bf gets off work or something. Or I might just sleep all day. I feel like I will have earned it by this point in the week!

Friday (Venus): Love, Beauty, Pleasure

How you express love. Who/what attracts you: XVIII The Moon

Friday, a lovely day for love, illusions, magical creativity. You know what I love? To a degree, I love illusions. I love the play of real/not real (but not in the Katniss+Peeta kinda way *nerd alert*). After all, I am Libra – an idealistic fantasy-lover. Why not indulge in a bit of mystery on such a lovely day? Who knows what might turn up?

Saturday (Saturn): Discipline, Work, Stability

Your work ethic. The way you embody discipline: II The High Priestess

Another mysterious card! I feel like the High Priestess is like the opposite of what this question / point is. Saturday is full of structure, the High Priestess is full of quiet mystery. Maybe that’s my work ethic: Structured mystery. I am strong but I hide it from those who are not ready to see my strength. It doesn’t make me appear weak, it makes me appear mysterious, like, ‘What’s up her sleeve? I must know more! I want to know more!’ There’s a lot of Self that’s involved here: knowing of The Self, trusting my intuition, having a strong instinct and being strong enough to trust what I know and explore what I don’t. That, to me, is great work ethic.


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