Full Moon Madness!

Crystals on the window

The Full Pisces Super Moon was in full effect (no pun intended) this weekend!  Holy cow was it a majorly emotional Saturday!  I was reunited with two people from my past, which was great, though my afternoon run-in was extremely overwhelming and I felt like a sea was raging inside of me.  It genuinely felt like the Pisces waters were rumbling and crashing inside and around me until my evening run-in, which was a welcome relief.

My sister brought up a good point regarding my afternoon encounter.  She asked me to figure out what my afternoon encounter meant to me so that I could decipher what underlying feelings were there.  I couldn’t think of anything, I just sat with it for a bit and I’m hoping to do this tarot spread to help shed some light on these feels.  As for the other Moon madness, jump away with me! Continue reading Full Moon Madness!

The 888 Power Tarot Spread

888PowerSpread_08262015Yet another amazing Instagrammer shared another amazing spread and I was blown away by it!  Lisa Frideborg Eddy – who I follow intensely – shared a wonderful post to her Instagram about yesterday being the last of the 888 days in 2015.  She directed us to her website where she had a tarot spread ready and waiting to help us tap into this 888 power!

I, being me, got overly excited and couldn’t wait to do it!  I immediately laid out my reading cloth, picked not one but TWO goal cards (they go hand-in-hand) and got to work on what it would look like manifesting said goal(s).  It was great!  I’m wondering if this could be adapted for a more general purpose.  Probably so, right?  Check out the details on her blog and dive in with me below!

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Conversations With Your Future Self – A Spread

ConvosWithFutureSelf_08252015A while back, I shared my tarot journey with a friend / co-worker and she was delighted to hear I could sling some cards for her!  After some clever schedule aligning, we were able to set up a date and time for me to read for her…live and in person.  Whoa!  Cue the excitement and nervousness!

Part of that included me asking her to pick her spread of choice since she seemed to flip-flop between what question to ask.  She picked the Conversations With Your Future Self spread by Alexis (at Worts and Cunning) so I gave it a test drive on myself to see how it reads and lemme tell ya, it’s going to give us a lot to talk about!

Coincidentally, Deela Hunt had just posted her reading with this spread, which made me want to do it even more!  Synchronicity!

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Expanding Upon Your Relationships: A Spread

ExpandingRelationships_08232015There’s a wonderful Tarot reader on Instagram that I follow, @fabianslight, and he was kind enough to share with me – and another wonderful Instagrammer, @1inspired_beauty – this spread for expanding upon your relationships.

I decided to dive in with my lovely Tarot of Delphi because I have been trying to shake off this melancholy cloud that has been hovering over me all weekend.

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22-Card Tableau: A Tarot Adventure!

22-Card Layout I saw this intimidating-yet-intriguing-looking spread on Jack of Wands’s blog and I just had to try it because it’s the largest spread I’ve encountered on my Tarot journey so far and I had “I like big spreads and I cannot lie” thrashing around in my head as I took notes from Jack’s blog to start my 22-Card adventure!

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Your Personal Symbol Spread

I have been playing around with various August Tarot Challenge spreads. This one is from #31daysoftarotaug hosted by Instagrammer @1inspired_beauty.  I quite like this one so I’m going to keep it in the Spreads section of my Tarot notebook!  I hope you’ll try it! Continue reading Your Personal Symbol Spread

New Moon In Leo Reading

New Moon In Leo 08142015 Ethony's New Moon Spread 08142015Friday night, I decided to have myself a little party of sorts!  I originally hadn’t planned on doing anything major during this New Moon but after I watched Maria Mextli‘s New Moon Intention Setting video on Periscope (aka: the reason I rejoined Twitter!) I felt like I should totally get my New Moon Intention Setting jam on!

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