You Are The Voice and The Breath of Universes – A Fountain Tarot Spread

My boyfriend gets up for work at 2am.  Sometimes he wakes me up and I am able to go back to sleep, other times he wakes me up and I stay awake.  This morning, I couldn’t go back to sleep.

As I snuggled in to get comfortable, I saw a flash coming from my Fountain Tarot box.  It made me start thinking of the quote inside: “You are the voice and the breath of universes” which got me thinking: “Wouldn’t it be awesome if somebody did a spread related to that quote?!”  And then the questions started… What would it look like?  What would it be about?  What would the end result be?  I tried to fight it but the words just kept coming!  I had to grab a pen, sketch it out and see for myself what The Fountain would tell me.

I played around with the look and I came to the conclusion that it had to be a specific shape: the “f” from the logo.  I mean…

…so I mapped out something like this:

At first, I had the cards in a completely different order but the more I looked at it, the more it started to take shape and come into being.

I had the three bases: The Voice / The Breath / The Universes – but I didn’t have the voices for them.  What could they be?  I sat on my bed and stared at my sketches.  What does voice mean to me?  What is breath?  Which universes do you want to call upon?  Does it have to be literal?  I had a lot to ponder.  It was then that I figured why not do three cards for each.  It would give me my beloved “f” shape and hopefully answer any burning questions.  So…what does it all mean?

The Voice

  • Card 1: The Thought: This is who you are right now.  Think about how you are at this moment.
  • Card 2: The Thing: This is where you are right now.  What is going on?  Where is your life at this moment?
  • Card 3: The Action: This is how to find your voice, who you are and where you want to go.

The Breath

  • Card 4: Pause: Where can you take a rest on your journey?
  • Card 5: Assess: How is it going so far?
  • Card 6: Reflect: Think about where you want to go next or just ponder.  This could also be a clarifier for Card 5, I suppose.  Or a companion for Card 5?

The Universes

  • Card 7: Big Picture: What do you see?  What is your big picture that you see?
  • Card 8: Outcome: What does The Universe see?  If someone were on the outside looking in, what would they see?
  • Card 9: Advice: Your advice card and / or what to do next

I had to do the spread for myself to see how it worked.  From there, I made some tweaks.  Here is what I got:

The Voice: King of Coins / The Hanged Man / Three of Cups

I guess I must see myself as taking on a new business (yes, totally) and a little more on the practical side of things (King of Coins).  I’m also seeing things from a new perspective (The Hanged Man), which is leading me to find my voice in groups (Three of Cups).  Celebrations are great times to try new things, meet new people and expand your view – which is what I did over the last weekend!

The Breath: The Moon / Four of Wands / The Lovers

I love that The Moon is in the Pause position.  I need to spend more time in my subconscious, which is something I have been resisting for quite some time.  The Four of Wands is telling me that, so far, I’m on the right track!  Now is a great time to celebrate, take a break and enjoy!  I love that The Lovers are in the Reflection position because I love this card and I love that I can reflect with my partner or reflect on my partnership and see that it’s all successes from here!

The Universes: Five of Swords / The Chariot / The Magician

But, with all that love flying around, my perspective is still one of suspicion (Five of Swords).  I feel like my big picture is shrouded in deception to a degree.  Something isn’t quite right and I have a sneaking suspicion where that might be from (work-related).  At least The Universe sees me in control (The Chariot) and overcoming any obstacles in my way!  Very comforting!  And my advice appears to be to find my own magic (The Magician).  Work with it, fine-tune it, refine it and keep crafting it!  With that comes self-confidence, imagination and so many things I have only dreamed about!  The sky’s the limit!

What a great spread!  I’m sure it will be tweaked as time goes on but so far, I think it’s a great start!

I’d love to know how it works for you!  Please let me know via comment, Tumblr, Instagram or email (balancethesescales [at] if you try it out!


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