New Moon In Leo Reading

New Moon In Leo 08142015 Ethony's New Moon Spread 08142015Friday night, I decided to have myself a little party of sorts!  I originally hadn’t planned on doing anything major during this New Moon but after I watched Maria Mextli‘s New Moon Intention Setting video on Periscope (aka: the reason I rejoined Twitter!) I felt like I should totally get my New Moon Intention Setting jam on!

First, I set up all of my crystals and candles, after cleansing them with Sage, on my coffee table / reading area.  Then I carved my intentions into my central white candle (following what Maria said!), sprinkled my tea lights with glitter (because why not?!) and then settled in to a short meditation.  I tuned in to my favorite beach sounds and did a very simple grounding session.  Then, I read a list of my intentions and things I was grateful for before lighting my intention candle.  I felt so wonderful!  After my Self-Love Reading, I felt like the time was right for a little ritual for this Moon and myself.  I used Ethony‘s New Moon Spread.

  1. Moon Energies: What energies are abundant for me during this New Moon?  Queen of Swords

I love that this Queen is about communication!  Communication is a big thing for me, especially since I’m exploring more direct communication in my personal and work life.  I have definitely been practicing a lot of Queen of Swords energies this weekend!  That’s part of the reason I used Lapis in my ritual.  Lapis (or any blue stone) is my Power Stone and helps me speak my truth from my heart.

2. Energy Assist: What can I do to aid or ease it?  Strength

I need to be strong when communicating.  I didn’t really think about this until I brought up a pretty intense topic earlier this afternoon and I held my ground even though it got a little tough.  Everything worked out, it just took me out of my comfort zone of Libra-ness.  You know, not rocking the boat and keeping people happy.  I decided to voice what is important to me and it all worked out. 🙂

3. Goals: What goals or challenges should I set for this Moon Phase?  Two of Pentacles

I really need to work on my ability to go with the flow.  I try to control most things in my life but based on my conversation earlier, I need to loosen my grip a little bit.  I can’t hold on to everything so closely.  I can have a healthy balance with no problem, I just need to work at it.

4. Drift: What do I need to let go of from the last Moon Phase?  The Magician

I submitted this reading to the ATN forum because I was puzzled by The Magician as something I need to let go.  One user said this: “My first thought was that since the ability to juggle/go with the flow is suggested in the Two of Pentacles card in the “Goals” position, maybe you need to let go of the singleness of purpose/total commitment that can be implied by The Magician card in order to achieve that goal?”  It totally makes sense!  I never really thought of The Magician as a “total commitment” kinda card but it makes sense the more I think about it!  The Magician focuses their attention to one thing and this is saying not to laser-focus in on one thing – there are infinite possibilities!

5. Advice: What advice do my Spirit Guides have for me for this Moon Phase?  Queen of Wands

I love this because my Spirit Guides are telling me to be more independent, confident and listen to my intuition more – kind of like my Self-Love Reading!  I love how they trust me with my level of confidence.  I have trouble with confidence sometimes but I feel like since starting this Tarot journey, I have been tapping into my confidence more and more and it’s only going up from here!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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