Your Personal Symbol Spread

I have been playing around with various August Tarot Challenge spreads. This one is from #31daysoftarotaug hosted by Instagrammer @1inspired_beauty.  I quite like this one so I’m going to keep it in the Spreads section of my Tarot notebook!  I hope you’ll try it!

I used the Steampunk Tarot because it’s my personal development deck.  Since I used it for my Bridge reading and my Inner Child Assessment reading, it seemed fitting to use it to find My Personal Symbol!

1. My personal motto is: Ten of Cups

Surprise – a happy home life is my motto!  Look at all those Cups!  I love lots of happy Cups cards.  Happy emotions are good!  Happy emotions are…happy!  And a happy home life, well, that’s a lot to celebrate and that’s quite the happy personal motto!

2. My most influential element is: The Empress

It’s funny because at first, I focused on the fire / spark element in The Empress‘s hand but then I thought of what or who she represents – Mother Nature or even my Mom.  Maybe I should split up the the term Mother Nature into two words: my influential element is Nature (have you ever done Earthing? I call it grounding but either way, it’s great for the soul) and another influence is my Mother.  See what I did there?

3. My best color is: Four of Cups

I was puzzled by this at first because this is a card of boredom.  I immediately thought of someone in my life who kind of has this sulky look on their face at all times and then I remembered the phrase, “Why so blue?”  So I guess this means my best color is blue!

4. My spirit animal is: Ace of Pentacles

This Ace is a card of luck, a new beginning, that spark in the physical realm.  The first animal I thought of when I was thinking about all the luck associated with this card was who else but Falkor the a Luck Dragon!  An obvious choice!

5. My power number is: Four of Pentacles

At first, I was thinking, “Oh geez, this is saying I’m greedy with resources and blah blah blah” but then I remembered it’s about my power number, not my greediness haha.  I didn’t realize it until this morning that I use 4 a fair bit.  I splash my hands 4 times after washing them, I grab 4 paper towels to dry my hands (if it’s a certain kind of thin paper towel), I enjoy even numbers, I like stability – a quality of the Fours in Tarot….hmmm…

6. My most ardent believe is: The Fool

New adventures!  Leaps of faith!  Starting something new!  I am starting to adopt the qualities even more recently and I quite like that The Fool is here because even though change is scary and new things freak me out a little, I do believe in new adventures!

7. I feel power when: Knight of Wands

Impatience and impulsiveness is this fiery Knight!  Yes, I have a problem with impatience and that is something I have been working on since forever but I quite like this here because sometimes I feel power when I act impulsively.  Granted, it doesn’t always go in my favor but when it does, it’s amazing!  Enthusiasm also plays a big role here because why not approach things with enthusiasm?!  That’s one thing I enjoy people notice: my enthusiasm.  I worked on an animation for an Apple Watch app (!!!) and the developer told me he enjoyed my enthusiasm.  Sure, the animation wasn’t anything major – in fact, it was based on another animation I had already done – but it was still fun to do and I loved every moment of it!  People will notice when you’re enthusiastic about things and it makes everything more fun!  🙂

Let me know if you try this spread!  It takes some creativity and playfulness but it’s a lot of fun!


2 thoughts on “Your Personal Symbol Spread

    1. This is a fun one and takes some creativity. I think I lucked out with numbered cards where appropriate. Maybe look for elements that stick out in the Queen of Wands card you’re reading with for your Power Number? Hmmm…
      I’m glad you had fun with it!


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