Expanding Upon Your Relationships: A Spread

ExpandingRelationships_08232015There’s a wonderful Tarot reader on Instagram that I follow, @fabianslight, and he was kind enough to share with me – and another wonderful Instagrammer, @1inspired_beauty – this spread for expanding upon your relationships.

I decided to dive in with my lovely Tarot of Delphi because I have been trying to shake off this melancholy cloud that has been hovering over me all weekend.

  1. You now: III The Empress (alternate version)

For as long as I’ve had this deck, I have only pulled this version of The Empress and it sometimes makes me mad.  Why?  Because the other Empress is “Zenobia’s Last Look on Palmyra” and I feel like her sometimes – a leader, a strong and powerful woman known as The Warrior Queen.  I guess this is the cards way of telling me that I’m not quite there yet (or never will be) but in relation to this spread, I quite like this version here!  She’s sensual, abundant, prosperous, and she has a deep appreciation of herself and her body.  I feel like I’m not quite 100% there with myself but the tone in this card is saying, “Don’t worry, you are closer to feeling like this Empress than you think!  Give yourself some credit!”  Oh all right, Roses of Youth.  I think I’ll give it a try!

2. Your relationship with others: Two of Cups

My most favorite Two of Cups!  This couple is quite in love and I love that this card celebrates that!  When I befriend others, I throw myself in 1000000000%.  Being a Libra, I’m a people-pleaser so of course I want everything to be harmonious and loving, especially in my romantic relationships.  You can expect all the heart-eyed emojis there!

3. Your relationship with yourself: Three of Wands

I really love that this card shows an independent woman.  I feel like over the past year, I have become a strong, independent woman who is resourceful and self-reliant.  There are some kinks to iron out, sure, but I strongly feel  like this card is very appropriate for my relationship with myself.

4. How to grow your relationship with others: Three of Swords

Ah yes, my other favorite card.  I know most people have an aversion to this card because it’s usually a heart pierced by three swords but I quite like it!  This card depicts “Electra at the Tomb of Agememnon”.  She is wondering if she will ever get over her grief.  The LWB says, ” This is not just despair; it is the fuel of transformation.”  This made me think of some of my friendships in the past.  I felt like people came to me with problems and I was there to help.  I would take their sorrows and suffering and help them transform.  If they were beyond my help, it was a sign to move on – sometimes good, sometimes bad.  Either way, I feel like this card shows that people trust me to help them heal and I am grateful for that.  I enjoy helping others, I always have, and as a Libra, it’s only natural.  So revealing!  I love it!

5. How to grow your relationship with yourself: XVII The Star

First of all, I love this card.  I have loved it since before I had any idea what it meant.  I did a watercolor of a design on a t-shirt I have depicting The Star and it has been hanging on the back of my apartment door since I moved in last year.  I love this particular painting that was chosen for this deck.  More recently, I found out it was my Birth Card so it’s fitting that this card is showing me how to grow my relationship with myself!  The LWB says, “Just as the stars are clearest in utter darkness, insights are most lucid in stillness.”  This beauty is telling me to go inward and feel the harmony of self.  My Libra nature loves harmony so why have I been avoiding it in myself for so long?  I was overwhelmed with the urge to buy myself a Tibetan Signing Bowl today so I went to my local Metaphysical shop only to find that they were out of my price range.  While there, I was drawn to the most beautiful piece of Charoite, which just so happens to transmute negative energy into positive energy.  I’m planning on sleeping with it under my pillow (it’s getting crowed under there!) tonight to help me get balanced while I sleep.  I’m hoping to get my hands on a Tibetan Singing Bowl (hello Amazon!) because I feel like the tones will help start this process.  Also, I have been taking baby steps into Shadow Work, which has been very hard but so enlightening!

Speaking of enlightening, this spread has been extremely enlightening!  I was so happy to see that only 5 cards could reveal so much depth and clarity.  This will definitely help me out once I dive back in to Shadow Work because now I can truly see where I stand in relation to myself and others.

I hope you give this spread a try!  I have learned so much!  Let me know if you try it out and if you’re on Instagram, be sure to tag @fabianslight!  I hope you all had a great weekend xoxoxo


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