Conversations With Your Future Self – A Spread

ConvosWithFutureSelf_08252015A while back, I shared my tarot journey with a friend / co-worker and she was delighted to hear I could sling some cards for her!  After some clever schedule aligning, we were able to set up a date and time for me to read for her…live and in person.  Whoa!  Cue the excitement and nervousness!

Part of that included me asking her to pick her spread of choice since she seemed to flip-flop between what question to ask.  She picked the Conversations With Your Future Self spread by Alexis (at Worts and Cunning) so I gave it a test drive on myself to see how it reads and lemme tell ya, it’s going to give us a lot to talk about!

Coincidentally, Deela Hunt had just posted her reading with this spread, which made me want to do it even more!  Synchronicity!

  1. My Present Self: Queen of Pentacles

I feel like I have been struggling with these cards for a bit lately.  It pains me to say that because I love this deck!  I feel like this Queen always shows up when I read with this deck and I have a hard time connecting with her.  She feels a little like Daisy Buchanan – luxuriously slinking around at one of Gatsby’s parties as the hostess, not the guest of honour.  That’s where my disconnect sets in.  I guess I have this picture in my mind about Mother Nature, a homely lady in a homely setting, a woman in charge of all things Earthly.  When it comes to money, she’s handling it well and I know I am certainly not that!  I’d rather have the luxury without even bothering myself about function – first world probs, I know.  Ugh.  That doesn’t feel good saying out loud…

2. My Future Self: Seven of Swords

Here’s another one.  When I used this deck with the Bridge Spread, this card came up as my “next step” and in the Reading Chain at the ATN (where one person asks a question, another answers with a single card draw then they ask and another answers and it keeps going in a lovely chain of people reading for each other) I received this card from Mia Fitzroy about my abandonment issues and Shadow Work.  She gave me an amazing reading that filled me with hope!  The make a long story short, she said, “This is a figure who ambivalently wants to begin unburdening herself but does not know how.”  So what does this mean for my future self?  That I will still feel burdened but not know where to start?  Maybe I’ll continue to take her advice about focusing on my Sacral and Third Eye Chakras but I feel like I’ve exhausted trying to do it on my own.  I’ll need some help with a Reiki healer…

3. Your Current Situation: XVII The Star

After The Star‘s appearance in my last reading, I’m hopeful about this because it sits well with where I think I am currently.  It fits right in line with my Expanding Upon Your Relationships since it appeared in the How to grow your relationship with yourself position.  I just gotta keep going inward and see what’s going on in there.  What makes me happy about this is that Self-Love September is fast approaching!

4. Spend Less Time: Three of Swords

Yes, spend less time in Sorrow and Rejection Land.  Though I like to view this card as a sign to use grief and pain as a tool to grow and express creativity, I think here it’s the literal meaning of spending less time worrying about fear, sorrow and rejection.  Loud and clear, cards!

5. Spend More Time: Eight of Pentacles

I think it’s interesting that this card is telling me to spend more time honing in on my craft because I’m not entirely sure I want to keep doing what I’m doing.  Or maybe this is about continuing my Tarot journey?

6. Remember To…: V The Hierophant

I took this as a nod towards my Tarot journey.  Keep learning!  Surround yourself with others who can help you expand and grow your skills and continue on this journey.  But I also see this as a little nudge to stay under the radar and not rock the boat a little bit.  Where?  I don’t know.

7. Let Go Of…: Queen of Swords

My first thought went to a friend of mine who can be a bit of an Ice Queen and this was telling me to let her go a bit.  I have a tendency to hold her a little too tightly so I took this as a hint to let her go a bit.  But I also took this as a hint to not be so harsh on others.  I can be very critical, which has been ramping up at work, but it’s for good reason.  I can let up but I don’t feel like I should totally let go of that as far as work is concerned.  The person I’m being critical of needs to tighten up his workflow because it directly affects me.

8. Give Yourself Credit For: Two of Swords

For a Libra, I have been making lots of tough decisions lately and facing my fears and honestly, I don’t give myself enough credit for that.  Thank you, cards, for letting me know that I’ve been doing a great job so far!

9. What You Have The Potential To Become: XXI The World

Achieving success!  Accomplishments!  This is a great card here because, like Tony Montana, the world is yours.  So what’s with the fear already?! 🙂

Phew!  This was a tough-ish reading!  There were some things here I wasn’t sure about being comfortable sharing but you know what?  It doesn’t matter.  Sharing means caring!  I’m trying to be conscious about letting my words be free instead of holding everything in.  I used to just clam up and hold all the feels but I can’t do that anymore!  I’m tired of holding all the words in!

Hope you’re having a great week!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Conversations With Your Future Self – A Spread

    1. Thanks! I almost didn’t post it because it was so heavy but I like spread, I hope others use it and and I’m excited to use it for my friends’ reading tomorrow! Let me know how it reads for you! 🙂


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