The 888 Power Tarot Spread

888PowerSpread_08262015Yet another amazing Instagrammer shared another amazing spread and I was blown away by it!  Lisa Frideborg Eddy – who I follow intensely – shared a wonderful post to her Instagram about yesterday being the last of the 888 days in 2015.  She directed us to her website where she had a tarot spread ready and waiting to help us tap into this 888 power!

I, being me, got overly excited and couldn’t wait to do it!  I immediately laid out my reading cloth, picked not one but TWO goal cards (they go hand-in-hand) and got to work on what it would look like manifesting said goal(s).  It was great!  I’m wondering if this could be adapted for a more general purpose.  Probably so, right?  Check out the details on her blog and dive in with me below!

Position 1: What your Guardian Angel has to say on the matter: Five of Cups

At first I was like, “Uh oh.  Lisa’s blog says if this is a negative card, now might not be the time to work on this goal” BUT the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my Guardian Angel was telling me to not dwell on the past but to tend to the great things I have in front of me!

Position 2: How your current close relationship helps/hinders your progress toward this goal: Ten of Pentacles

In all honesty, I was originally going to pick this card as my secondary goal but I decided to go with the Ten of Cups instead but I knew this card meant to show up in this reading somehow because it is my “Happily Ever After” card and I love that this is how my current relationship is helping me progress towards my goal.  I won’t get into personal details but trust me when I say this is 1000000000% appropriate!

Position 3: A talent to captilise on to help you get there: The Moon

Here comes my Shadow Side to help me.  It’s where my fantasies, wild imagination and intuition like to hide.  I have always felt a strong, deep connection to the Moon so I feel like she’s here to guide me.  And she’ll be full of helping, loving guidance on Saturday – Super Full Moon in Pisces!

Position 4: The foundation for a future where having achieved your goal is a reality: Seven of Swords

This was another spot where Lisa’s blog says if this is a negative card, now might not be the time to work on this goal BUT (again), instead of the hidden motivations of this card, I feel like I have to be sneaky.  Not in the dark side kind of way, but in the helpful kind of way.  You know, like planning a surprise party!  I need to be stealthy and instead of sharing like I like to, I’ll have to keep somethings to myself in order for this to come to fruition.  Also, this card was My Future Self in yesterday’s reading!

Position 5: Something to clear from your relationships that would otherwise hinder you: The Hierophant

This card tripped me up because in yesterday’s reading, The Hierophant showed up as “Remember To…”.  I guess this is telling me that I can (and probably should!) rock the boat!  How else will I learn if I don’t ask questions or (kindly) push back a little?

Position 6: Something to add in your relating/intimate relationship(s) to help achieve your goal: Two of Wands

My first thought was travel!  Look at the globe in the bunny’s paw!  Limitless possibilities!  But I also took this as a hint to take a step towards making long-term goals and plans for new adventures.  This lines up with my goal cards for sure!

Position 7: Something in your recent past that will have a bearing on your progress. Read together with cards 1 and 3 to understand how to best deal with the consequences of this past event: Page of Wands

I thought it was kind of funny that this position is about the recent past and yet card 1 (Five of Cups) is about not staying focused on the past.  And card 3 (The Moon), I feel like it’s a nod to my creative restlessness (Page of Wands).  My creativity is lurking in the depths and it needs to be let out!  There’s a project (dealing with my recent past) that I have ready and waiting to be pitched as an indie film.  I’m still rehearsing and tightening up my pitch but I feel like I need it to explode out of me!!!  I have referenced that particular project before (and my TV show that’s gnawing and clawing to get out!)

Position 8: Your goal: Nine of Pentacles + Ten of Cups

I picked two complementary cards as my goal because I want to continue to be financially independent, growing my individual sense of self and continue drawing abundance into my life (Nine of Pentacles) and I also would love to have a happy, stable, loving home life (Ten of Cups).  I don’t feel like I was trying to be greedy when I picked 2 cards, I simply wanted one to compliment the other and I feel like I achieved that quite nicely!

This was a very special reading and I do hope that maybe this can be adapted as a successful goal-setting spread!  Please let me know if you try it out!  And be sure to check out Lisa’s blog and Instagram!


2 thoughts on “The 888 Power Tarot Spread

  1. I like your take on the 5 of Cups and 7 of Swords here… and yes, this spread can easily be adapted 🙂 Thank you for your kind words about my work and all the links. I really appreciate it… oh, and that spread cloth is pure awesomeness! Did you make it? If not, where can I buy one?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you thank you! I love all your Daily Tarot posts on Instagram! 🙂 🙂
    I feel like having done such a revealing spread the day before followed up by this one helps shed some light on quite a few things in a positive way towards my goal! Thanks again for sharing such a great spread!

    My spread cloth is actually a thrift store find from forever ago, unfortunately. It was an impulse buy that has gone to great use (since it was hopeless as a scarf on me!) 🙂


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