Full Moon Madness!

Crystals on the window

The Full Pisces Super Moon was in full effect (no pun intended) this weekend!  Holy cow was it a majorly emotional Saturday!  I was reunited with two people from my past, which was great, though my afternoon run-in was extremely overwhelming and I felt like a sea was raging inside of me.  It genuinely felt like the Pisces waters were rumbling and crashing inside and around me until my evening run-in, which was a welcome relief.

My sister brought up a good point regarding my afternoon encounter.  She asked me to figure out what my afternoon encounter meant to me so that I could decipher what underlying feelings were there.  I couldn’t think of anything, I just sat with it for a bit and I’m hoping to do this tarot spread to help shed some light on these feels.  As for the other Moon madness, jump away with me!

I didn’t get a chance to set up my crystal babies for charging on Saturday (because of my afternoon adventures driving around town) so I was kind of bummed that my crystals couldn’t spend some time soaking in the moon’s beautiful waters but I saw an Instagrammer (I can’t remember who, sorry!) who reminded me that I had an extra day to set them up to take in all the Moon energies.  I grabbed all my crystal babies and set them up on my top windowsill and set up my decks below and let them bathe all day and night last night!

Decks - RWS PV SP Decks SP LS SSDecks TF ToD PD

My Linestrider and Tarot of Delphi decks needed some extra cleansing because I did my first ever live, in-person reading on Friday night, which meant I let my querent handle cutting the decks!  It was awesome!  One of my co-workers came over and I read for her, which is why I tried out this spread for myself.  The Linestrider and I read with it and illuminated some wonderful things for her!  Then, her curiosity piqued after some in-depth conversations so she asked for another, gentler reading and the Tarot of Delphi and I revealed parallels to the first one!  It was wonderful, surprising and eye-opening for the both of us!  She loved it so much that she asked me to read for her again in a few months as a “check-in” and then she asked if I could read for a small group of her friends on a “girl’s night”!  I’m so excited, I can’t wait!

Saturday night was full of silliness and surprises.  I went with my friends to see a show of cover bands at a venue I don’t go to very often anymore so it felt like we were transported back to the ol’ high school days – in more ways than one!  The bands being covered were Nirvana, Jawbreaker and NOFX, which expressed all the high school feels and on top of that, one of my high school friends was playing in the NOFX cover band!  We caught up on a quite a few things, which helped me shake of the afternoon adventures.  One thing that was funny was that I only went inside the venue to get drinks or use the bathroom, the rest of my time was spent outside, enjoying the company of whoever sat next to me to chat, my friends and the Moon peeking out from behind the heavy clouds.  I only popped in to hear my friend’s band cover 2 NOFX songs.  I couldn’t stay because the crowd was going bonkers!  It really felt like we were back in high school, defying our parents’ wishes of not getting into mosh pits at a punk show.  Ah…the good old days!  I was laughing so much, I think people were giving me weird looks but it was all in great fun!

Some other personal things were happening that totally transported us back to the old high school days but this time, it was a bit troubling.  It didn’t involve me directly, I was just getting the play-by-play but it was still upsetting.  I made it a point to remind the person involved that those days are over so those games should be too, but I guess in time, things will change.

I hope you had a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Full Moon Madness!

  1. Ah! You’re so brave! In-Person readings totally throw me off of “my game” because I’m immensely introverted and I feel completely vulnerable and opened up when I get into my meditative state and hover my hands over my cards, and bless my crystals with my incense and then begin to read… I haven’t done an in-person reading since I was a youngin’ with my first deck of cards, and the only person who sees me when I read now is my boyfriend (and my familiars/fur babies!). I would like to eventually move towards in-person readings but I’m not that confident, just yet.

    Do you have the meanings of each of your decks perfectly memorized?! As I mentioned once before, I know my Shadowscapes cards like they’re the back of my hands, but my other decks can sometimes leave me puzzled…

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  2. I was so nervous! I told her I might have to consult the book (especially when I brought out the Tarot of Delphi) but she was totally cool with it! 🙂 I wanted my first in-person reading to be with someone I know for that reason: so I could find my footing with how to explain the cards and work through the spread(s) while talking out loud. We had a great time! I’m a little (okay, a lot) nervous about reading in front of a group and doing multiple readings in one sitting but I think it will be good for me to step a little outside of my comfort zone. Eeep! I did have the advantage of setting up my sacred space, which calmed me down a lot. I lit some incense, burned Palo Santo, and arranged crystals just the way I liked which helped me get centered, calm, and ready!

    I like to think that I have the general meanings behind the cards pretty worked out (even though I stumbled through a few the other night) but I feel most connected to my Linestrider, which is the deck we started with. When the Tarot of Delphi came out, it was a different story for some cards since the wording is a little different for the courts: Devotee, Artisan, Enchantress and Hero. I’m thinking the Linestrider, for me, is my perfect client deck since I feel like I’m pretty intimate with those. I still keep the general meaning in mind but I let the image tell the story as well. I think that’s where I’m stumbling with the court cards – some imagery doesn’t match up with my ideas of them and I get tripped up, though it might not be a bad thing. That’s where my story-telling abilities need to click in! 🙂 I think the Shadowscapes would be a lovely deck for in-person readings because there’s so much beautiful imagery to talk about with your querent! I’m hoping to get there with that deck one day! 🙂


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