Entity Identification – A Spread

EntityIdent_09262015Thursday was quite the interesting Spirit day for me.  It was the third Thursday of my Spirit Guides and Angels 101 class and I decided I’d meditate one last time before class and that’s when it all started.  I was meditating on my cave but my mind’s eye traveled back to my apartment because I had a guest.  Not an Angel, not a Spirit Guide, an…Entity.

Startled, I tried to send it away with my usual blessing but it stayed, which made me wonder who was here to hang out.  At the request of Raven and Amanda, I took my Linestrider and asked who was visiting me and what they wanted.

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Who Is My Spirit Guide – A Spread

01_SpiritGuide_09242015 (1)A wonderful Instagrammer by the name of Colleen (@dawn_wand_tarot) shared this beautiful spread for determining who your Spirit Guide is and what are they here to show you.  I decided that I would give it a go after my third Spirit Guides and Angels 101 class with Amanda Meder and the results were pretty interesting!

I had been feeling a very distinct male energy even though the energies come in on my left side (which is typically female).  And during an Angelic exercise, I saw the image of a man that resembled Gerard Butler in “300”.  With the theme of Ancient Greek and Roman times, I asked my Tarot of Delphi, “Who, exactly, is my Spirit Guide?”

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Why is the Five of Coins stalking me? A Spread + Weird Weekend Vibes

FiveCoinsStalkerLetter_09132015This genius spread was created by Kristen, who kindly shared it at the ATN.  I have been secretly waiting for an opportunity to use it and I guess the Five of Coins has a very important message for me to hear!

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A Wonderful Read with The Soul’s Journey Cards

wolfmoonspread_09122015Over on the ol’ Tumblr space, I’m taking part in WolfMoon Tarot‘s 3-Card September.  I had so much fun participating in 3-Card June that I had to give it another go!

What are the beautiful new cards accompanying my beautiful Tarot of Delphi?  They’re the Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards.  I had been seeing them in practically every post on Instagram!  IGer fabianslight used them in a beautiful reading for me so I was intrigued.  I couldn’t find them at my regular Metaphysical store (maybe out of stock when I went?) so I had been planning on ordering them.  This morning, I went to pick up a new Self-Love September journal (my old one isn’t working for me for some reason) and I found myself in the New Age section.  There, I was checking out the Angel Oracles – something that has been on my mind lately.  I’m in the market for an Angel Oracle but none of the ones on the shelves were speaking to me.  As I started to walk away bummed out, I looked over at another section and there they were: the Soul’s Journey cards!  Of course I snatched them right up!  I gave them a good Sage cleanse and added them to my 3-Card September reading.  Let’s take a look!

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