A Wonderful Read with The Soul’s Journey Cards

wolfmoonspread_09122015Over on the ol’ Tumblr space, I’m taking part in WolfMoon Tarot‘s 3-Card September.  I had so much fun participating in 3-Card June that I had to give it another go!

What are the beautiful new cards accompanying my beautiful Tarot of Delphi?  They’re the Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards.  I had been seeing them in practically every post on Instagram!  IGer fabianslight used them in a beautiful reading for me so I was intrigued.  I couldn’t find them at my regular Metaphysical store (maybe out of stock when I went?) so I had been planning on ordering them.  This morning, I went to pick up a new Self-Love September journal (my old one isn’t working for me for some reason) and I found myself in the New Age section.  There, I was checking out the Angel Oracles – something that has been on my mind lately.  I’m in the market for an Angel Oracle but none of the ones on the shelves were speaking to me.  As I started to walk away bummed out, I looked over at another section and there they were: the Soul’s Journey cards!  Of course I snatched them right up!  I gave them a good Sage cleanse and added them to my 3-Card September reading.  Let’s take a look!

What to expect from this eclipse: I The Magician + Friendship

The Magician is all about magic, manifestation and using your creative focus to manifest dreams in your life.  When I drew the Friendship card, I was originally going to put it in the last position but something told me to draw a Soul’s Journey card for each position, so I moved it to hang out with our Magician.  My first thought with these two coupled together was that the eclipse’s energy with the Magician was going to manifest a friend for me that will help me on my spiritual journey.  But I was also taking the other message to heart: all of the friendships that have manifested in my life were for beautiful and meaningful reasons.  This possible new friendship will be exactly that, too!  Be grateful!

Where to focus: VIII Strength + Self-Esteem

Wowzers!  This one knocked me off my feet!  First of all, I have been taking my time with Self-Love September by slowly working my way into it.  I’ve been listening to Kelly-Ann’s fabulous Sound Cloud sessions and, of course, listening to her wise words on her YouTube channel and I’ve been taking her messages to heart, which has me focused on my own Self and personal power.  The fact that Strength is where I need to focus is amazing!  I mean, coupled with Self-Esteem, who wouldn’t want a better pairing especially during this journey to Self-Love!  These two are urging me to find myself, love myself, step into my Self and to stop being so timid and shy about my Self.

What is entering my life: XIV Temperance + Balance

Oops – I meant this pairing knocked me off my feet haha!  Temperance is pretty much the delicate balance of things and here’s the Balance Soul Journey card to add some extra oomph to this meaningful position!  As a Libra, you know we always strive for balance.  We want to keep everyone happy, even if that means sacrificing things for ourselves.  These two gorgeous cards are here to tell me that I will find the delicate balance my Libra heart desires because with the lessons Strength, The Magician, Self-Esteem, and Friendship have to offer comes the balance my heart and soul deserve.  No more anxiety about “Is this right or wrong” or “Are they happy or upset”.  With my new exercises, I’m stepping into my own power and finding that the balance was in me all along.  It sounds corny, I know, but for me, it means the whole World.

This reading has been quite beautiful and I think my Spirit Guides and Angels are here for this because I believe they were the ones that urged me to pick up this deck today and use 3 cards in today’s challenge spread.  Why am I referencing my spirit Guides and Angels?  I’m taking Amanda Linette Meder‘s Spirit Guides and Angels 101 course and the first class was great!  I’ll be sure to post more about that later but from what I’ve been doing to discipline my connections to my Spirit Guides and Angels, I think I’m getting a clearer connection with them!  I know they’re always around but I’m trying to hone in on my sense of their presence for a deeper connection and today, they were in full force!  Thank you, Guides!!  xoxo

Happy weekend!


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