Why is the Five of Coins stalking me? A Spread + Weird Weekend Vibes

FiveCoinsStalkerLetter_09132015This genius spread was created by Kristen, who kindly shared it at the ATN.  I have been secretly waiting for an opportunity to use it and I guess the Five of Coins has a very important message for me to hear!

Dear Katzi,

When I show up in your readings, I’m giving you a message about doing what you think is right (Justice).  I’m showing you that you’re about to overcome something BIG (Ten of Swords) and I want you to feel idealistic, optimistic and brave about it (The Fool).  When I appear, I’m asking you to release your persistence on what you’ve been aimlessly chasing after (Strength) and embrace your own personal power and what you’ve been turning your creative focus towards (The Magician).  When you see me, it’s time to move towards your Soul’s desire (The Lovers)!

Sincerely, Five of Coins

I love that it’s written in a letter!  It really pushed me out of my comfort zone a little when I turned the cards over.  Sunday wasn’t the greatest Tarot day for me in the sense that the cards had A LOT of tough love headed my way!  My September Tarot Challenge draws felt a little…off.

For @devinastarot‘s #devseptember reading for Messages from my physical body was, surprise!, the Five of Pentacles.  It’s no surprise to me that this card appeared here.  I had been doing great on my weight loss journey *cough*two years ago *cough* and I feel like it’s time I start to reign it back in.  Monitor my diet again, exercise more than I already do at the moment and be mindful of what I’m eating.  I tried for a bit to get back to calorie-counting but something happens within me and I feel like I’m getting into trouble when I do it.  I need to get over it and start back up on it.

For @seven.0f.spirals‘s #7oSTarotChallenges reading for What do I need to shed some light on was the Six of Pentacles, which I had to draw two clarifiers for: Ace of Pentacles and the Seven of Swords.  I told the cards that Cups meant something dealing directly with myself while Swords indicated people reaching out to me for help.  Since I got the Six  (when people come to me for help) and the Ace of Pentacles (a new business venture to help others?), I drew the third clarifier and was a little relieved to see the Seven of Swords (help people uncover issues in their lives) pop up since someone had, in fact, reached out to me for advice the day before.  I had a great time doing that client reading even though the subject was a painful one.  Either way, I was happy to help!

On top of all of that, Sunday was energetically rough.  I’ve been noticing around social media that it was rough for quite a few people!  Not only was there that New Moon Eclipse in Virgo but we’re headed into Mercury Retrograde, too!  Oh boy…speaking of boys, my boyfriend’s nephew was born on Saturday night!  He was intended to be born on September 7 (also my friend’s birthday!) and I jokingly said he wanted to be born on the number 13.  He was born on September 12 BUT he was born at 11:13pm!  I was kind of right!  My bf and I had awkward fun at the hospital visiting with the family.  I say awkward because, well, our energy levels weren’t the greatest and he was preoccupied with an upcoming test.  The baby is precious, as babies usually are, and now the fun on my side of the family will continue: “When are you going to have a baby?????”  -__-

How was your weekend?  How is your week progressing?  xoxo


5 thoughts on “Why is the Five of Coins stalking me? A Spread + Weird Weekend Vibes

    1. Thanks Kristen! I’m happy that I’ve finally had a chance to use this spread! I was wondering why the cards seemed to be bullying me. It’s not bullying – it’s tough love! 🙂


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