Who Is My Spirit Guide – A Spread

01_SpiritGuide_09242015 (1)A wonderful Instagrammer by the name of Colleen (@dawn_wand_tarot) shared this beautiful spread for determining who your Spirit Guide is and what are they here to show you.  I decided that I would give it a go after my third Spirit Guides and Angels 101 class with Amanda Meder and the results were pretty interesting!

I had been feeling a very distinct male energy even though the energies come in on my left side (which is typically female).  And during an Angelic exercise, I saw the image of a man that resembled Gerard Butler in “300”.  With the theme of Ancient Greek and Roman times, I asked my Tarot of Delphi, “Who, exactly, is my Spirit Guide?”

First, separate the deck into Courts, Aces, Majors and Minors.

Shuffle the Court Cards while asking, “Is my Spirit Guide a man or a woman?” I received the Hero (King) of Swords.  So, an honorable, caring, intellectual, masculine man.  I immediately thought of someone my Inner Child would adore.  A father figure-type.

Take notes and add the card back in to the Court Card pile.

With the Court Cards again, shuffle while asking, “What 3 personality traits does my Spirit Guide have?” I received:

  1. Enchantress (Queen) of Cups: Emotional power, honesty, nurturing
  2. Hero (King) of Wands: Bravery, loyalty, sacrifice, impulsive
  3. Artisan (Knight) of Wands: Inspiration, form and function, thought and implementation

So my father figure Spirit Guide is nurturing and sensitive, brave and impulsive and inspired and ready to tackle anything that heads his way!

01_SpiritGuide_09242015 (2)Shuffle the Aces while asking, “What element is my Spirit Guide associated with?” I received one of my favorites in this deck: the Ace of Swords.  Why is this a favorite?  The card is a painting of Cleopatra and the Ace of Swords is about intensity, power and intellect.  Swords are my favorite because to me, they’re words and having power over my words is important.  But in a general sense, Swords represent communication, intellect and lots of thoughts!  And Libras are Air signs.  Imagine that!

01_SpiritGuide_09242015 (4)Shuffle the Majors while asking, “What 3 things are you here to show me?”  I received:

  1. II The High Priestess: Wisdom, mysteries, spiritual counsel, revelations
  2. XX Judgement: This is, by far, the most gorgeous Judgement card!  I adore it!  Redemption, honesty, forgiveness, rebirth, atonement
  3. XVII The Star: Yet another gorgeous card!  Hopes, optimism, enlightenment, clarity, truth, “peace with the cosmic order”.

1.) I feel like this Guide is here to teach me about my femininity, to trust my intuition and connect with my Higher Self.  2.) To forgive my Self and past Selfs, be honest in the way I would like people to treat me and how to treat people and my through my High Priestess energies, I will experience quite the awakening (if I haven’t already!).  3.) And with the Star (my birth card and also a card I have been drawn to since before I even knew what it meant), my Guide is saying to embrace my Spirituality and change my outlook.  There was a period last year where I was happy-go-lucky all the time and I should bring that back.  Have hope that everything will look up!  See with love, always!

01_SpiritGuide_09242015 (5)

Shuffle the Minors while asking, “What do I need to understand in order to help my Spirit Guide help me?” I received:

  1. Seven of Cups: Fantasies, daydreams, potential, possibilities
  2. Nine of Coins: My most favorite Tarot card!  Self-awareness, prosperity, accomplishment, self-sufficient
  3. Three of Cups: Supportive, friendship, celebration, community, sharing, healing, enjoyment

1.) I need to understand that I will be faced with many choices and know that my head is somewhat always in the clouds (typical Libra haha!) but I also need to know in my heart that there are unlimited possibilities no matter what is presented!  2.) I can help by stepping into self-confidence.  The Nine of Coins is my ultimate favorite card because she is self-made, self-sufficient and self-accomplished.  This is such a beautifully empowering card!  3.) And I need to know that I have nothing but love and support around me but I also need to be supportive and loving as well.  The Three of Cups shows community, friendship, celebration and sharing.  And all the women depicted on these cards have such nurturing, beautiful and loving energies that maybe I need to change career paths…

There is so much female energy in this spread that I almost forgot my Spirit Guide is a man!  But the way the Hero of Swords is sending the woman in the card comforting vibes, I feel as though I’m the woman and my Guide is the soldier (funny – my Dad was a soldier in the Army…)  My Spirit Guide believes in me and wants me to step into my femininity, my Spirituality and to trust my intuition, which is extremely encouraging!  It also makes me think he was messing with me when I pulled The Empress and the Ace of Cups together while asking “Where can I find my next adventure” and the word “Pregnancy” was practically yelled at me!  But he was laughing the whole time, so I know he was joking because since he knows me, he also should know that that’s not super ultra high on my list of things right now…

This was such a great spread and I highly recommend it!  Please try it and let me know how it worked for you!  Be sure to tag @dawn_wand_tarot if you share your photo on Instagram!  I’m sure she’d love to check it out!

Happy Friday!  xoxo

01_SpiritGuide_09242015 (6)


4 thoughts on “Who Is My Spirit Guide – A Spread

    1. The Tarot of Delphi is such a wonderful deck! I highly recommend it! It’s very loving and I feel like since the Courts are renamed (Devotee, Artisan, Hero and Enchantress), their messages are amplified slightly. And I love that there are two versions of The Empress and that various Majors have different names. For example, the Wheel of Fortune is the Threads of Fate, The Hanged Man is The One Torn Asunder, The Devil is The Siren… It is layers and layers of beauty! I also feel as though I have a strong connection to Ancient Greco-Roman times, so this the perfect deck!
      I strongly recommend this reading if you’re doing Spirit Guide work! I have always felt this particular Guide’s presence but I couldn’t really put my finger on any traits or qualities until they were laid out like this. And since I had a picture of an Ancient Greek / Roman soldier-type person, this deck and this reading was the perfect pair! 🙂 Thank you for reading it!


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