Entity Identification – A Spread

EntityIdent_09262015Thursday was quite the interesting Spirit day for me.  It was the third Thursday of my Spirit Guides and Angels 101 class and I decided I’d meditate one last time before class and that’s when it all started.  I was meditating on my cave but my mind’s eye traveled back to my apartment because I had a guest.  Not an Angel, not a Spirit Guide, an…Entity.

Startled, I tried to send it away with my usual blessing but it stayed, which made me wonder who was here to hang out.  At the request of Raven and Amanda, I took my Linestrider and asked who was visiting me and what they wanted.

The spread I used was this one by teawitching-diviner on Tumblr.

1. Main representative feature of this entity. Who they first appear to be: Three of Cups

Supportive and friendly.  This is the energy I felt during my meditation.  I also felt an air of curiosity, which was sweet, like that of a curious child.

2-4. Things this entity is associated with – animals, colours, symbols. You can draw as many cards as you like for this as well. Although I find 3 to be a good number. 

Three of Swords: Confusion, disorder.  At first, I frowned at this but then I thought this was about maybe cutting ties with those that no longer serve me.

The Fool: Idealism, new adventures, innocence.  This totally fits because this is the curious energy I felt while in meditation and after I did this spread.  I meditated on the Entity who made itself known to me and they came back to talk with me and give a little more insight.  It definitely had the energy of The Fool – in a good way, of course!

The Emperor: Authority and structure.  This one threw me off guard the way the Three of Swords did  I guess with even the most child-like energies, there is still some Galactic authority there…?

5. What this entity has power over: Page of Pentacles

New beginnings, prosperity, Earthly realm.  I’m going to be honest – before I played with the cards, I was looking over the spread notes to see if they fit the type of reading  I needed to do, I read this position and said to myself, “You know this is going to be a Page, right?”  Yes.  This Entity is flexing their Emperor muscles in the Earthly realm where they have power.  This is also great energy to have as far as manifesting is involved because they also bring with them prosperity and new beginnings.  Maybe that’s a nod back at the Three of Swords.  Once I cut out what no longer serves me, new things open manifest!

6-7. Two main personality traits: Queen of Wands and Page of Wands

Two fire cards!  I love it!  The personality of this Entity is charismatic, mysterious (I will agree to that!) and energetic.  The Pentacle Earth energy along with these two Wands equal lots of positive manifesting and reality-building!  That is especially helpful since my boyfriend and I are currently house-hunting.  I know that’s small-scale stuff but it means a lot to us!

8. How they manifest in your life. (What you need to pay attention to): Page of Swords

Another Page?!  And the Page associated with messages, no less!  This, to me, cements the fact that this Entity is relatively young and its youth will bring as much truth forward as possible – no matter how intense it can be!

9. What they want from you: Three of Pentacles

This was a happy surprise here: the “teamwork” card!  I love it!  We’re mean to work together but I need to hold up my end of the work.  Hard work, diligence and future-planning on my part will help our relationship.  I guess I need to prove that I’m willing to work hard for the things I want and this Entity will give me a little extra nudge in the right direction!

This was such a fun reading!  After it was over and I had written my notes, the Entity appeared again and we played a little game of “Yes or No”.  I asked the Entity to answer a series of yes or no questions by responding energetically.  If it was a yes answer, my right side would get tingly.  If it was a no answer, my left side would get tingly.  I had to close my eyes and while I had them closed, I had a picture in my mind of the face of this Entity.  It said I’m not quite ready to see it in its physical form, even though I have seen it before.  But it was right – I’d rather not see it in its physical form.  My 3D ego can’t handle it, that’s for sure!  Until then, I’ll just keep raising my vibration and relax for the rest of my Sunday.

I hope you had a great weekend!  Happy Super Full Aries Eclipse Moon!


2 thoughts on “Entity Identification – A Spread

  1. Hmm… Be sure to do a space clearing and cast a circle of protection before you interact with this entity. If the entity is afraid of your clearing or of stepping foot in your circle, then you know it’s not one to communicate with, any longer! If it joins you in your circle, then I would keep the communication lines open. Negative entities often take the form of “youthful” energies as a way to make the person they’re visiting feel more “safe” (“A kid can’t do harm!”) but it’s often a guise. So just be careful!

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    1. Thank you for the helpful advice! I cleansed my space pretty aggressively and thoroughly afterwards and I haven’t really felt it since but it shows up sporadically so I’m sure it might show up again. I’ve been connecting with my Angels recently and that has been helping me stay calm a lot ❤ I will definitely look up how to cast a circle of protection. I think that would help ease my mind too! Thank you! xoxo

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