New Moon Spread

Linestrider Layout Magical Unicorns Layout

Phew!  What a crazy few weeks I tell ya!  The other night, I decided to pull my cards out and get back in touch with my spiritual self after having a long conversation with my boyfriend about why I was feeling guilty about taking such an extended break from my spiritual practice.  I mean, I had started some wonderful Instagram challenges that involved Shadow Work and Inner Work, I had decided I wanted to do start diving in to my Inner Child and seeing what was there, and I was going to join a few of my coworkers in the Oprah and Deepak Meditation Challenge but…I put everything away.  Not just because I was packing.  In fact, I left all my spiritual items out until the very last second.  So why was I so neglectful of my spiritual practice for this long?

One of the things my boyfriend and I talked about was the fact that I think my spirit wanted me to take an ego-centric break.  I felt like part of my spirit was saying, “You’ve been doing such great work on yourself so far that you’ve come close to alienating yourself from your friends.  Get back out there and get back in touch with all aspects of this human experience”.  But I also feel that other parts of my spirit were subconsciously telling me that I wasn’t quite ready to dive in to all this Shadow Work and Inner Work – which I totally get.

It didn’t hit me until I was listening to a webinar from OneTaste.  Yes, OneTaste.  I have not practiced the art of OMing but I do believe in a lot of the philosophies there.  What drew me to it is how woman-centered it is.  Granted, it is for both people but as a woman, I really enjoy the idea of being “turned on” and not just in a sexual way – which was another huge draw.  OM isn’t just about the sexual connection, it’s about intimacy on all levels.  I was thinking about that when I was listening to the webinar “How To Be Intimate When You Don’t Feel Like It” and what intimacy really means.  A lot of what I heard in the webinar related very intensely to my New Moon reading from the other night!

Both Sets

This New Moon spread is by Vix from New Age Hipster!  I was so happy to see it on Instagram and the Spiritual Journey Pitstop Facebook group (which Vix lovingly runs)  I grabbed my trusty Linestrider deck and my Magical Unicorns Oracle deck to check out the energies and figure out what the heck has been going on.  Let’s take a look!

You Are Here: Where you’re at right now.  Recognize this energy and decide if it’s useful for manifestation

Justice + Imagine

The Libra card and what Libras like to do!  I love it!  Justice here was kind of like a, “What…?” moment for me.  What am I in search of?  Exactly – what am I in search of?  Truth?  Honesty? Freedom?  Throw Imagine into the mix and I’ve got a very powerful exercise.  Imagine what it is that I’m searching for and does it feel right?

Mental Shifts: Mental shifts you could be making or mental shifts you want to manifest

Five of Pentacles + Listen To Your True Feelings

I guess I haven’t fully learned what the Five of Pentacles was trying to teach me when it started stalking me a while back.  The gist of the reason for stalking me involves Justice (surprise!) and my true heart’s desire (The Lovers), which goes along with one of the OneTaste webinar topics of desire.  I listened to “When Is A Desire Really A Desire & Not Just Indulgence” and it really made me think about what I want in my life.  I’m always doing this for others, why not do things for myself?  So, Five of Pentacles, you’re telling me that past hurt is holding me back but in order to move forward, I should Listen To My True Feelings and figure out what mental shifts I need to make in order to manifest what I truly want.  Sounds easy enough!

Spiritual Gifts: A reminder of your gifts and abilities or new spiritual stuff to call into your life

Judgment + Talk About Your Feelings

I like Judgment here in the sense of self-evaluation.  I go through an existential crisis about once or twice a month so I feel like the Judgment card is extremely representative of a spiritual gift that I have and/or practice of self-evaluation and checking-in on my progress.  What needs to change?  What needs to stay?  What has to go?  In line with Talk About Your Feelings, we have the perfect outlet for all the existential FEELS.  My boyfriend and I are extremely open with each other about most everything and for that, I am extremely grateful.  My friends…not so much.  I’m starting to open up more and be honest – not just with them but with myself.  I’m tired of tip-toeing around certain people about certain things.  It won’t be easy but it will start aligning us with our Highest Good.  Release what doesn’t serve us anymore!

Co-Create This: Something you can totally manifest during this New Moon cycle

Queen of Cups + Share

I took this beautiful combination of cards at face value because that’s what resonated with me the most.  Share what my intuitive nature is telling me.  If it involves my subconscious thoughts, get it out.  I feel as if I have been practicing this for a little over a week now and I’ll admit that it feels extremely liberating.

Ask For Help Receiving This: Ask people in your life or your Spiritual Team for help

Two of Wands + Decide

Well, well, well.  Asking for help with decisions eh?  Textbook Libra!  So – paired with the Two of Wands, I took this one almost at face value as well.  The Two of Wands is about long term goals and laying down foundations – like moving in my boyfriend.  Decide is about “What is best for me” and figuring out what I want.  So…what is best for me?  Long term cohabitation?  Only time will tell.  How can I ask for help on this?  Well, I brought it up to my boyfriend just yesterday.  I was open and upfront about my past experience and how I didn’t want to repeat it and I’m happy to say that he was very receptive to that.  I’ll leave that there because there was WAY more to it…

Star Potential: Long term potential for what you’re manifesting this New Moon

Seven of Wands + Worth Waiting For

Hmmm…the jealousy card.  As soon as I flipped this card over I thought, “Whatever is manifesting will make someone jealous.  You need to defend this at all costs”.  I had a specific situation in mind when this card popped up but I can’t go into details because it is ridiculously complicated but let’s just say that paired with Worth Waiting For, I am quite happy with that.  I’m trying to Future-Project less and operate more on Divine Time.  There’s a reason for everything at the right time because you know what they say: Everything happens for a reason!  Only Divine Time will tell xo

I hope your New Moon was glorious and I hope that what you set your intentions towards starts manifesting very soon!  Happy Friday the 13th!


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