Advice from Archangels – A Spread

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I spent the weekend visiting my Moms in Jacksonville.  While I enjoyed the quality family time we spent together, I can’t help but say that I identify completely with the card in the first position of this spread.

Because I had so much fun with Vix’s New Moon Spread, I felt compelled to try her Advice from Archangels Spread.

1. How the Angels See You: Four of Cups

Bored.  Pretty much.  I spent the first half of every day I was visiting my Moms bored out of my mind.  Sure, I could’ve gotten into the car for a ride around town but there were 4 other cars parked behind me in the driveway.  But it wasn’t just my trip to Florida that had me somewhat bored, it’s many other little things that are starting to add up to bigger things, which I can’t exactly get into without revealing more than I’d like…

2. Michael – Life Purpose Stuff: Enchantress of Wands

The Enchantress, or Queen of the Tarot of Delphi, is one of vibrancy, determination, fiery ambition, courageous and sensual.  I normally have a tough time with Court Cards (except my sweet Knight of Cups, who shows up later!) but I resonated pretty strongly with this Enchantress.  While reading about her, she set clear goals for herself and made them happen.  So…what kind of clues is Archangel Michael giving me about the clear path to my goals?  Well, I need to set a plan into motion and I think I’ve got that going on as of yesterday.  I don’t want to say too much but let’s just say that the wheels are turning and I’m hoping to hear something positive soon!
3. Raphael – Healing: Three of Coins

Teamwork, huh?  For me, this was more of a call towards collaboration and learning.  what kind of healing is taking place?  Group healing?  Inner Child healing?  Are my parents unknowingly working together to help heal past wounds?  Long story short, I was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago and my Dad has been helping me quite a bit.  Luckily, I only sustained 2nd degree burns on my hand (thanks, airbag!) and I’ve been recovering quite quickly.  My car, on the other hand, was not so lucky.  Is it that my parents are collaborating to heal past wounds and current physical ones?  Maybe.  But I also feel like this is appropriate here since I signed up for Teal Swan’s Online Synchronization Workshop this Sunday, which will be followed up by a Holiday Meditation Workshop that I will be attending with my bestie.  Group healing?  Yes, please!  It will be good for all!

4. Ariel – Finances and Work: Artisan of Cups

Here’s my sweet Knight of Cups!  But…I stumbled a little with this one.  I immediately went to my “in love with love” self and said something to the effect of heart-centeredness, creativity, explore your passions, eat chocolate cake for breakfast (that’s a Two Sides Tarot joke), what feels good?  This particular Artisan is about discernment since he is, after all, an expert wine taster in the painting.  So.  What about that makes the “in love with love” connection?  This Artisan is all about what feels good.  If the wine is in bad shape, he’ll let you know so that you can make it better.  To a degree, it’s the same-ish with the Knight of Cups.  What will make me feel better?  Concerning work, I know the answer to that and I’ve set in motion some things that will *hopefully* turn out in my favor!  Fingers crossed!
5. Uriel – Action: Devotee of Coins

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the “put a plan of action in place to make your dreams a reality” card in the Action position!  This particular Devotee is a Devotee of Venus, which suits me perfectly since Venus is my planet and she sort of mirrors the sensuality of the Enchantress of Wands from earlier.  This card is all about manifestation and I am in love with it here in the Action position because it perfectly compliments all the cards so far.  Like I said before, I’ve set in motion some things that will *hopefully* turn out in my favor and this card here is extremely hopeful that things will start manifesting quickly.  I love it!
6. Azrael – Release: Enchantress of Swords

Not gonna lie – I was kinda bummed to see this card here because of reasons BUT it makes sense because I need to channel my inner Ice Queen in order to release things that are no longer serving me.  My emotions tend to get the better of me and this card is saying, “Stop.  You’re stronger than that.”  Vix has a Full Moon Releasing Party that she holds every Full Moon in her Spiritual Journey Pitstop FB group and this past Full Moon, I asked to release people who have fulfilled their Soul Group duties in my life and mine in theirs but I had two people in particular I was trying to release and this card is telling me that there are a few more…I’m in slight denial about it but I know deep down it needs to be done.  In time…

7. Gabriel – Self Expression: II The High Priestess

How perfect is this?!  The High Priestess in Self Expression?!  Intuition, subconscious mind, higher Self…  I love the way Vix put it: “What’s inside you that needs to come out?”  I guess I need to tune in to my higher Self, follow my intuition and see where the path takes me.

On the drive to and from Jacksonville, I had a lot of time to think – roughly 10.5 hours there and back.  I talked to myself, listened to music, listened to a couple of YouTube videos and talked to myself some more.  On those journeys, I realized that I need to reconnect with my Inner Work.  I think my 3D desires have kept me from really tuning in to what I need for my overall well-being and that’s what has been throwing me back into old patterns.  I was having a conversation with my friend about how my higher Self LOVES the human experience but I think that this human experience is starting to weigh heavy on me.  Here we go again with my bi-monthly existentialist talk!  Maybe the two workshops on Sunday will help me realign myself.  Here’s hoping!

I hope you’re having a great week so far! xoxoxo


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