Spiritual Sunday


Yesterday, as I was preparing to attend Teal Swan’s Online Synchronization Workshop,  I felt a strong pull to ground, center and protect myself.  While scrolling through my Spiritual Facebook feed, I came across a message in the Angel, Oracle, and Tarot cards group that led me to the most amazing video!  I highly suggest you do it for yourself and experience the wonderful healing from Archangel Michael!

I’m slowly finding out that I LOVE working with Angels!  I feel like maybe I’ve known that all along but recently, I feel really drawn to working with Angels because that’s where I feel most at ease.  I think it all started when I was struggling to connect with my Spirit Guides, I did a meditation with Jess Carlson on Periscope and I connected with a beautiful being named Haniel.  When I did some digging, I found that Archangel Haniel is tuned in to our intuitive senses and Divine Feminine energy – which is something my Tarot cards have been telling me to work on!

After having a moving experience in the Clearing and Shielding meditation, I patiently waited for Teal’s Workshop to start.  We started with a cord cutting / releasing meditation, which was quite the experience because I had started the session visualizing someone who has little importance in my life and then they slowly morphed into someone who has A LOT of importance in my life that I felt like I should release the negative energetic ties to.  It felt amazing!  Then I started to feel a little disconnected to the topics that were being put out there.  It was stuff I already knew since I’m already familiar with Teal and her teachings.  So…how did I end up with 4 pages worth of notes since I know everything, huh?!  While some of the questions felt really unstable, there were a lot of important tidbits for me to take from them.  Those tidbits carried over into my evening meditation.  Yes, I did 3 meditations yesterday!  Well, technically it was 4 since we started and ended the Lovingkindness class with a meditation.

For the evening, my friend and I signed up for a Holiday Meditation Workshop to help ease the stress that comes with the Holiday season.  We learned about Metta, a lovingkindness meditative practice that opens our heart to greater love and connection.  I likened it to my already existing gratitude practice.  Instead of getting mad when people, say, cut me off in traffic, I try to make it a point to thank them for giving me a few more minutes to myself in the car.  Or when people are being rude for no reason, I make it a point to send them love.  It’s hard sometimes but I always remember the quote that goes, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”.  You never know what a person is going through so it is better to act out of love rather than react out of anger.

We were given worksheets where we could write our own Metta phrases and explore our intentions for connection and self-care during this Holiday season and beyond.  I felt really great about the exercise because it was wonderful supplemental information to my already existing practice.  My two Metta phrases are: “May I (you) be blessed and protected in the physical and spiritual realms” and “May I (you) live in an abundance of happiness, joy, and unconditional love always”. I had a lot of strong visualizations during the meditations as well.  I chose not to share them with the class because I thought it was too Woo Woo for some of the people there. I felt like my energies didn’t quite line up and that kept me a little guarded when we were asked to share.  I do feel an intense pull to email the teacher and share with her my experiences.

After all that, I had this thought in my mind about my friend who I accompanied to the workshop.  I was thinking about how I have given all of these tools over the years to help raise her vibe and have even encouraged her to start channeling her Empathic abilities with lots of Reiki resources and meditations but I was getting frustrated on the drive home because I had this feeling like she has all the information, she is aware she should be doing any parts of these things instead of jumping on social media to “escape” but I knew that deep down, she wasn’t going to stick with this mindfulness practice.  Then, I clicked over to YouTube to listen to Vix’s weekly forecast for this week and what she said about The Heirophant Rx really resonated with how I was feeling and the message hit me pretty hard.  We are all doing our best.  Sure, I can give my friend links upon links upon links to a bajillion different resources to meditate, practice gratitude, practice grounding and shielding, protection from blah blah energies, how to read Tarot for yourself, how to connect with Angels and Guides…and she’s going to look at them and say, “Oh yeah, these are great” and then let them collect cobwebs in her subconscious.  It was starting to get to me, like, she wasn’t appreciative of me giving her the tools she might need to help her on her energetic adventures but I have to understand that she’s on her own journey on her own path.  Yes, I have given her the resources I think she might need and it’s up to her, in her own time, to utilize which ever ones resonate the most with her.  But at the same time, she has to be willing to do the work.  If she’s not willing, it’s on her and no matter how hard I try to help guide her, she’s on her own.  It is frustrating but Vix’s message about us all doing our best was very important and it helped calm my frustrations down quite a bit.

Phew!  This weekend was quite the eye-opening one!  I learned so much and I have so many new things to add to my spiritual practice, I am feeling intense gratitude to everyone who has helped bring all these beautiful things into my awareness!  I hope I have brought new things into your awareness that will be helpful 🙂  I know I rambled on for quite a bit but I’m hoping important bits stuck out to you.  If you want to know more about my experience with Metta or anything else, please ask!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Sunday

  1. My best friend and I are quite the same way, in that I love to send her links to different things to read (mostly divination and self-love practices) and she seems to do the same with them as your friend. But sometimes she does read them and I can see that reflected back at me when we discuss a spread, or speak about our days. You are completely right, and have reminded me to not be frustrated if she doesn’t choose to read what I send. Thank you for sharing Katzi!

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    1. Thank you for reading, Sadi! I’m happy that the message stood out 🙂 I feel like my impatient nature was trying to take over and I had to be brought back down to Earth a bit. Just because I think this or that will benefit others doesn’t mean I should expect them to jump on it immediately after I send it. I think her constant asking for resources and her constant ignoring of said resources got the better of me and I’m glad I was put in check. There is a reason why I feel compelled to share whatever it is is I share with her and it will reveal itself in time. As my Mom has been telling me since I can remember, “Patience, young grasshopper”!
      That’s wonderful for you and your friend! Sharing is caring and I think just the act of sharing something to people that we care about who may or may not read it / check it out right away is a wonderful act of showing just how much we care for them. At least we know we sent them an act of kindness in our own way ❤ ❤

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