The Archer – A New Moon in Sagittarius Spread

I have been seeing a lot of posts floating around the interwebs about this last New Moon of 2015 and it’s making me think about what I really want.  To add even more flair to that, I’ve been flooded with messages about Solar Plexus healing through synchronicities on social media and clairaudient convos with my Guides and Higher Self about Solar Plexus healing.  Why now?  Why not?!  I wrote down some awesome prompts from Shonna (at Ace of Stars Tarot) that got me thinking  about how to *finally* start healing my Solar Plexus and start releasing what I shouldn’t be carrying anymore.

For today’s New Moon, I asked my inner Katniss about my career prospects using Lisa (at Angelorum)’s super fun Archer Spread  and to figure out where that was headed as we head into the New Year.  What will be left behind in 2015?  What will charge ahead for 2016?

You -> How fit you are for this competition: Six of Coins

How fit am I for this archery competition?  It appears that I am balanced in giving and receiving.  I feel like I’ve paid enough dues to finally be able to receive what I truly desire and I’ve done it all while expressing gratitude.  Why wouldn’t I?  Without X, you can’t have Y.   Without my job, I can’t pay my bills and I feel like I’m lucky since I work doing what I actually went to school for!  But it’s time for a change.  The cards know this.

The String -> How much effort you are likely to exert: Four of Wands

The Four of Wands always takes me back to one of the first Tarot readings I gave to a member of the ATN.  It was a question about schoolwork and stress and the cards reassured me there was nothing to worry about.  Same here.  The cards are saying that I’ve done a TON of hard work and now, I can take a celebratory pause to enjoy and reflect on all I have done and accomplished up until now.  Like I said, I’m grateful to work in the field I have my degree in BUT more work lies ahead and I have proven I have what it takes to get that shizz done.  In the mean time, relax, enjoy, and rest up for the work ahead.
Bow and Quiver -> What assets you brought with you: XV The Devil

I would bring my indulgences with me, wouldn’t I?  My Inner Knight of Cups would see to that!  As a Libra, I’m a dreamer, an idealist.  Sure, my head seems to be in the clouds or elsewhere but that’s not always a bad thing.  How?  In my field, we’re always having to get creative somehow and I think daydreaming helps me in that respect.  Also, watching a lot of TV for inspiration helps, too.  I’m serious!

The Shaft -> How straight and smooth the path is likely to be: Six of Swords

How smooth will the path be?  As smooth as the waters in this transitional card.  It is clear I am to shed my past and set my sights on a new shore.  But does that mean a new career entirely?  I had a very difficult day of filming this past week.  So difficult that I almost dropped my clipboard and walked off set.  I didn’t but while I seethed behind the camera, I started thinking about what I should do.  Continue to reach out in my field (which is bringing me opportunities that are few and far between) or expand in another direction.  What do you say, Spirit?

Fletching -> Support and guidance from Spirit: Two of Swords

Well…yes, there is an inner conflict but I don’t know where to even begin!  I guess I can (and should start) with those Solar Plexus prompts.  What do I really want?  Do I want to stay where I am?  Not particularly.  Do I want to stay in Video Production?  I don’t know.  What else can I do?  I like to think I have lots of different skills worth sharing.  Okay, so how do I share them and make enough money to survive (including a new car payment once I find a car)?  I know lots of people are experiencing this and it’s another synchronistic message I’ve been seeing lately.  I just can’t seem to figure out where to turn my talents…
The Arrowhead -> Where you have the edge: Queen of Coins

Every time I think of arrowheads, I think about the Light Channel Amanda Meder pulled down for me during my Spirit Guides and Angel 101 course.  She visualized a bright red arrowhead at the top of my crown.  Every time I visualize it for myself, I imagine it spinning slowly, video game heart-style.  That makes me think of the nurturing energy the Queen of Coins has.  She also has the self-confidence I have been cultivating for the past year.  It has taken me a long time to really come into my own, especially on my Spiritual Journey.  My edge, then?  Quiet self-confidence and knowing that I am always going to be taken care of.  When I dedicate myself to something, I go all in.  That’s a great edge to have, I think!
The Bullseye -> Most likely outcome by the Full Moon: XII The Hanged Man

This card made me think of when my Mom tells me, “Patience, young grasshopper”.  When I drew this card, I said, “Hooray!  More waiting!”  But then I thought to myself this card is also about surrender and clarity.  Maybe by the Full Moon, I’ll have had an epiphany about my career path and where I want to take it?  I can only hope!  I’ve started a daily meditation practice since my Spiritual Sunday and I’ve been getting clear on quite a few things – including the pull to do Solar Plexus work!

Every time I think of any Sagittarius Moon, I am reminded of this one night where some friends and I drove to 7 different gas stations and played 7 different scratch lottery tickets on the luckiest of Moons!  We broke even on those tickets but we had lots of fun exploring different areas of town all night!  Ever since then, Sag moon has been “lucky” in its own way for me.  Maybe it’s because I’m tuning in to the rhythm of the Moon more or my Spiritual Journey, I feel like there’s something slightly different about the last New Moon of the year.  Maybe it’s the collective feels surrounding it on social media or maybe it’s my Higher Self saying, “Hey girl, something is up.  You should probably pay attention.”  Either way, I welcome whatever changes head my way here for the end of the this not-so-great year and the start of a better year ahead!

What are your plans for 2016?  What are your plans for this weekend? 🙂


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