Creativity, Courage, Commitment – A Spread

One word that has been popping up for me since I woke up yesterday: Surrender.​  Surrender to this, surrender to that…surrender to…The Universe.  Instead of feeling quite like surrender meant “giving up”, I took it as “stop resisting”.  I think Louise Androlia feels the same way!  In fact, it was a link to her Surrender spread that made me aware of that word in my consciousness at that moment.  I felt the ripple effects for the rest of the day, too!

Although the spread featured here is not Louise Androlia’s Surrender spread, I felt like Beth’s Creativity, Courage and Commitment spread was quite complimentary to yesterday’s theme.  Speaking of compliments, check out how sweetly the Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards compliment my beautiful Linestrider!  I felt so intensely about this reading and The Archer, so I compared notes 🙂

Fear: Six of Swords + Worry

My Mom has always told me I’m a natural born worrier.  I worry all the time but lately, that has slowed, which is great!  So why the fear with the idea of moving on?  The Six of Swords was how smooth my path was going to be in The Archer.  Maybe my worry is that it will be too smooth?  Like, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is?  Or maybe I’m worried about, “Is this the right path?”  That has always been my worry but with the theme of surrender, I think that is changing for the better…

Hope: Two of Wands + Discipline

The Linestrider version of this card makes me think, “The world is yours” Scarface-style.  There was an amazing thread on the ATN about this card and I said something along the lines of: “Which path are you going to take?”  A choice that requires Discipline.  I like to say I’m making these grand gestures towards goals but internally, I get so scared to making that first move (when it comes to certain things).  And, I’ll admit, sometimes I get tired of being the “Initiator” in a lot of situations but I have surrendered (!!) to that in my life and this combination is telling me that this is on my path and I should stay the course.  My path will be revealed in time!

Transform: Judgment + Growth

I felt like these two went hand in hand PERFECTLY.  Judgment is all about epiphanies and awakenings and finding your true calling and Growth is pretty self-explanatory.  After last Sunday, I have been even more conscious about these themes, surrendering to all that is and throwing out the worry, which I understand will be a slow process.  Things have been opening up and revealing themselves to me in ways that blow my mind!  I’m expanding my Spiritual view, I’m exploring new areas of Spiritual growth, I’m stepping into it so much better than I was before and I love it!  It really is an integration of my hopes and fears here.  Going down the right path, setting up boundaries for myself, realizing what I’m capable of and letting go of the “what ifs” and worry.

Release: Five of Pentacles + Loneliness

Yes, I would love to release my stalker card, the Five of Pentacles!  And look how Loneliness paired perfectly with it.  To me, the Five of Pentacles has always pointed to trying to do things on your own and being too scared or ashamed or whatever to ask for help from others.  I’m so happy to see that this spread is saying the time is right for releasing this feeling and to understand that no matter how bad it gets, I am never alone.  I think we all need that reminder sometimes and I’m very grateful to have received it here for myself and for you (if you need it)!

Ground: Justice + Adversity

We all want to do what’s right and setting my intentions here with Justice and Adversity was a bit of a challenge at first.  When I started to explore it more, I started to uncover that Justice ties back to the Two of Wands: doing what is right.  Which path should I take?  Is it the right path?  And Adversity shows me there will definitely be bumps along the way (like my Worry with the Six of Swords suggested earlier – whoa!) but no matter.  I know I can handle it because Judgment and Growth are showing me that change is a’comin and it will be great because…

Create: Four of Wands + Purpose

The Four of Wands has come back!  It was present in The Archer as how much effort I’m willing to put in and it is recognizing that I’ve put in A LOT of work and it’s time for a celebratory pause.  But the work isn’t over yet – my Purpose is set to reveal itself very soon!  I work up with a strong urge to change career paths yesterday and I’m still feeling the tug to investigate further to that path.  I think the timing might be just right for everything to align.  If I can fully surrender, then I think things will become even more magical than they already are!

I feel like my eyes are freshly re-opened and there is so much magic and wonder for all of us to take in on a daily basis!  I’m going to have to go more in depth with Louise Androlia’s theme of Surrender (and do a reading with the spread!)  And – SURPRISE – Vix used the Power of Surrender cards for the weekly read this week!  Love it!

I hope you have an amazing week!


2 thoughts on “Creativity, Courage, Commitment – A Spread

    1. Thank you! There’s a lot of stuff to think about in this spread! When I saw “Worry”, I was like, “Uh oh! I can’t handle this” but I think the cards worked well together with the positions 🙂 I’m glad you liked it! xoxo

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