Full Moon Releasing – A Spread

I know I’m a little late on this but the other night, I finally had some time to do Vix‘s Full Moon Releasing Spread!  To be perfectly honest, I almost didn’t want to do it because a lot of independence-themed things have been popping up lately and it was starting to get me worried about my trajectory.  BUT since it was the last Full Moon of 2015 and it was on Christmas and it was in Cancer and it was at 11:11GMT…well, I felt like I’d be a fool not to tap into those energies!

Being the sweetheart that he is, my boyfriend got me Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Michael Oracle Cards so that I could “work with my new friend”.  Love it!  He knows I’ve recently connected with AA Michael through this meditation and he was hoping that we’d strengthen our connection with the Oracle Cards!  So sweet!  You’ll see AA Michael show up in just a sec!

You are here -> Your anchor.  Where are you in your life right now?  Three of Coins

What I love about the Tarot of Delphi’s Three of Coins is that it shows two pieces of artwork showing the same thing: the top image is a talented group of stonemasons all working together  to create a masterpiece and the bottom image is the artist showing off the work to this friends.  Collaboration is the main theme of this card and I feel like right now, I’m in a great collaborative place on my personal journey.  My boyfriend is extremely supportive of me and I him, I’ve met lots of wonderful people online who are extremely supportive of my Tarot adventures and because of this, I feel like this is definitely a nod to keep going on this path.  Not gonna lie – I have been kind of on the fence about continuing to study on the edge of Magick.  I say “on the edge” because it’s not quite spell work and all that but I have to say that I do enjoy the ritual of it all and I love reading about other experiences.  Let’s see where this teamwork makes this dream work!

Release -> Let this go: Artisan of Cups

Imagine my shock when I saw my precious Artisan / Knight of Cups here!  My sweet Inner Child!  I have to…let you go?!  I guess I couldn’t hang on forever, right?  Vix mentioned it could be referencing independence rather than totally ditching my sweet Artisan / Knight.  Okay, so here we are with independence again!  There were some independent cards here and here and I’m wondering if this is pointing towards my work situation.  To be honest, I’m not quite keen on going freelance as far as my career is concerned (too much instability for that!) but maybe this is independence in another area?
Lessons -> What you’ve learned from what you’re releasing: XIX The Sun + Guarded and Protected

So here I chose to pick an AA Michael card to go along with my Tarot of Delphi lesson card.  I do love the meaning of this position: What did I learn from what I’m releasing?  The Sun is a great place to be, I think!  Through my Artisan / Knight of Cups, I learned how to shine my inner light and be my own Sun.  I have found my inner radiance and I’m shining it out to all the world!  I love it!  Paired with Guarded and Protected, I think it’s even more powerful since it’s pointing out that I have started a connection with my Angels and I’m continuing to do so.  What great lessons!

Blessings -> See the obstacles for what they really were.  A “blessing in disguise”: Nine of Cups

I had a bit of an issue with this because this is the happy Wish Card of the Tarot and there’s nothing really wrong with that unless you’re looking at things from a “be careful what you wish for” perspective.  And look how bored the figure in the card seems to be.  Wishes fulfilled?  Yeah, whatever.  Without getting too up close and personal, I will say that the more I sit with this, the more sense it makes.  Be careful what you wish for, indeed.  And on another note: my bf and I wished to move in together this past year and boy, was that super duper harder than it should’ve been!  Yikes!

Dream -> What does your heart and soul really want?  0 The Fool

Here’s my “scary” independence card.  Well…after another reading via Facebook that had a strong-ish theme of independence, it became clear.  The more I have been thinking about it, the more sense it’s making.  I talked with my bf about this independence theme and he immediately went to the “breakup” side of it.  I told him that embracing my independence has been quite new for me and he fully supports me, which is also new to me.  In my past relationship, I was extremely independent partly out of spite and partly because I had to be.  I was really lonely and I felt like every time I tried to include my partner, he brushed me off.  Now, I can include my partner and either he will be in 1000% or be honest and say something to the effect of, “That’s not really for me but if you wanna do it, please enjoy yourself!”  Though I don’t need anyone’s permission to enjoy myself, I do enjoy gentle words of encouragement instead of “grumpy old man talk”.  So…my heart and soul really want independence.  I quite like that!

Big Step -> Long term stuff to do to reach your dreams: Two of Coins

In order to achieve that strong sense of independence that my heart and soul really want, it appears I have a lot to multitask!  Good thing I can do that pretty well!  But one of the words associated with the Two of Coins is “flexibility”, which is very important because even though I’m pretty airy fairy Libra “go with the flow” on the outside, I get pretty freaked out when things don’t go according to plan.  Flexibility is quite an important word for me since it doesn’t always come too easily.  Learning!

Next step -> What to focus on next: Artisan of Coins

I enjoy the stability and durability of this card but it kinda cancels out the flexibility in the previous card, doesn’t it haha!  Well, at least it’s like a “slow and steady wins the race”.  I can’t rush into the Fool energies all willy nilly!  I need to take it one step at a time.  Measure twice, cut once, right?  That’s not something I do well, I’ll admit, but I am taking this time that I’m sick (yep, sick right after Christmas and into New Year’s hooray!) to really think about the things in my life that I want to change.  Last year, I attempted to find my word for 2015 but I didn’t stick to it not one bit.  I realized I need some sort of direction.  Even though I don’t know where I’m going, exactly, I do need some kind of road map to get there.  Enter Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead 2016.  I’m still working my way through it but I did find my word for 2016: Adventure!  I think it fits quite nicely with what I’ve got going here!  To me, adventure is full of lots of new things to experience, learn, see, people to meet, places to go, and new paths to walk down!  I love it!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Full Moon and a very Happy New Year!


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