Two 3-Card Readings


I love it when the cards want to play!  While catching up on my stories (aka Fringe marathon), my Prisma Visions deck was making quite the ruckus.  What in the heck was going on that had the cards shaken up?

I drew 3 cards in an Energy / Advice / Action on January 1st.  What was there to greet me?  My friends, The TowerThe Chariot, and Death.  Who whoa whoa.  Three majors on the first day of the New Year, including The Tower?  What the heck was I supposed to do with that?!  Taking the Knight of Cups theme from my Wheel of the Year read, I approached these big transitional cards from an even more loving place.  I turned it into a little sentence / affirmation thing:

Something will happen to shake you up but if you are confident enough to handle it steadily and objectively, you will accept the change, gracefully aware that it is in your highest good!

With that read packing quite the wallop, I was like, “I wonder what on Earth could shake things up?”  Shortly after, I got a message from a family member seeking advice.  After we chatted, I was like, “Talk about a Tower moment for them!”  They were going through a MAJOR transformation and they were seeking my advice on how to handle it.  I grabbed The Chariot reigns and helped steer it in the positive direction of the Death card.

On Facebook and Insta, Elle North (of Drawing Within) was hosting the 7 Days of Sacred Intention Challenge, which I will definitely post about soon!  Day 3 (January 5th) was doing a 3-Card reading for yourself.  With the current Tower situation in progress, I did another Energy / Action / Advice spread to help me continue to handle the situation with grace and compassion.  My Tarot of Delphi did not disappoint.

I received the Enchantress of Coins, Ten of Coins, and The Moon.  Here’s what I posted with my reading:

Energy: Enchantress of Coins: I need to focus my energy on nurturing myself and especially others.
Action: Ten of Coins: Put your energy into action and pay attention to family. This is so important because I have been giving some advice to a family member’s Tower moment. I’m sending them all of my Enchantress of Coins nurturing energies and so so so much love!!
Advice: XVIII The Moon: My Guides are telling me to pay attention to my dreams. My subconscious mind holds a lot of the answers I seek. I can channel this by paying attention to my dreams and/or sitting and listening to my Guides and Angels for extra loving guidance.

I sometimes forget that 3-Card readings are just as powerful as any spread!  I’ve participated in Wolf Moon Tarot‘s wonderful 3-Card Challenges in the past.  Why can’t I continue on with a 3-Card read on any given day?  The two readings above have greatly helped me check in with myself and my guides on how to handle situations and in my family member’s case, how to help them handle their situation.  Yes, I like big spreads (and I cannot lie), but I also enjoy the smaller ones for packing quite the punch!

What is your favorite go-to spread?  Do you prefer daily draws?  3-Card Spreads?  The Celtic Cross?


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