Archangel Michael – A Spread


My Tarot Year Cards for 2016

I like to think Archangel Michael is my bro.  Technically, he’s everyone’s bro but I feel like he and Archangel Haniel have got my back BIG TIME.

I love that Lisa worked her spread-creating magic to craft a beautiful Archangel Michael spread for us to connect to our own personal strength and courage, especially since I’m working towards making my scriptwriting dreams a reality.  So far, the cards (and my dreams!) are all pointing to “Yes” and I want to take that first step NOW.   What had been keeping me back before?  Not knowing which step to actually take.  With the help of the cards and my Angel Bros, I feel like I’m finding a clarity I’ve never found before.  And I love it!

Before I dive into this reading, I would like to say that as long as I have been working with the Tarot of Delphi, I have been looking at the Court Cards this way: Devotee = Page, Artisan = Knight, Hero = King, and Enchantress = Queen but the more I thought about the cards in this particular spread, the more a Devotee felt like a Knight or even a King!  I went to bed hanging on these meanings.  I googled until I accidentally woke my boyfriend with my phone screen and decided to put it to rest for the evening.  Okay, so what are they, exactly?  In my googling, I found that Ashley at Dreadlock Tarot has the Hero as the Queen and the Enchantress as the King, which totally works!  Alison Cross at Tarot Thrones has the Courts a little more loose.  Like, some of the Hero behaviour is that of a Knight rather than a King, which was the issue that arose when I drew the Hero of Wands.  Even on the Tarot of Delphi’s Meanings of Myth and Tarot Blog, the Hero of Coins is listed as a Knight/King.  I guess it’s really up to the reader at this point.

One of the things Lisa set up in this spread is to put a photo of yourself in the center to invoke the protection of Archangel Michael.  I placed the photo I took of myself with my Tarot Year cards: Strength (from the Tarot of Delphi) and Make a Commitment (from the AA Michael Oracle).

So…what does Archangel Michael want to communicate with me through the Tarot of Delphi?


What spiritual truth you need to be aware of now: Devotee of Swords (Page of Swords)

New projects and keeping them going!  How appropriate for this venture I’m embarking on.  The selfie in the center was taken after I recorded my movie pitch – something I had been putting off for far too long.  I’m not an on-camera-type of person so it was hard to set up my camera and talk about my passion project but I used my Tarot Year cards as fuel to help me.  The Devotee of Swords is telling me I nee to keep this momentum going!  Yes, the script is done.  Yes, the ideas are formed.  Yes, I have locations picked out already.  Yes, the major and minor story details are set (for now).  All that needs to happen is the next step: the pitch.  So what if I’m scared to be on-camera.  I’ve had visions and dreams of doing countless interviews on and off camera and I’ve always been fine.  I merged with that version of myself and shot my pitch video.  Granted, I’m probably going to have to refilm it but at least I know I can move past that part.  Just keep on going!  You can do this!  The spiritual truth I’m picking up is that I have the ideas, I have that creative spark, I have the passion, I just need to keep it up!
Where you need to act with courage (a situation that makes you fearful): Six of Swords

I love that this card is Odysseus’s encounter with the Sirens.  The Six of Swords is about finding safe passage, regretfully leaving something behind to better things.  With regards to my movie, I can think of a few things this can refer to in my present and things this can refer to when we’re in the negotiating stage with my script.  If I’m future-projecting, there will be some alterations to the story that will suck but it will be good in the long-run.  If I’m taking this into account for the present, I think I might have to leave something behind temporarily in order to move forward.  Also good in the long-run.  A little nerve-wracking to think about but it sounds like it’s in my best and highest good.


Where you need to act with integrity (a situation tempting you to go against your own truth): Hero of Wands

This was where I was torn between the Hero being a King or a Knight.  If you look at the RWS Knight of Wands, he’s almost in the same position as the Hero of Wands.  Impulsiveness is also his jam, which is not very King-like (in the Tarot sense).  Talking about my film, I have a feeling a lot of ideas will be coming at me that will need impulsive action.  I’m a Libra.  I’m too keen on making decisions but I feel like I’ll be put into situations where I’ll have to make quick, on-the-spot decisions for the sake of my film.  All I need to do is remember my Devotee of Swords and my integrity.  I can speak my truth, as I have with my story, I need to remember to stay strong and stand by my non-negotiables.

Your greatest vice / Shadow: XXI The Garden (The World)

Interesting that this card would pop up as a vice / Shadow.  The Garden / World signifies successful completion.  What’s wrong with that?  I guess a Shadow aspect would be either I’m not taking the necessary steps or I’m focusing a little too much on what happens after the film hoopla.  Here’s a slightly embarrassing example: on Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to see Book of Mormon.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it!  I’ve seen it twice!  It’s everything you think it will be and more, especially if you’re familiar with Trey Parker’s other musical adventure (which is my all time favorite musical for many, many reasons), Cannibal! The Musical and, of course, South Park.  Anyways – I got up kind of early-ish to start getting ready for the theater.  While I was putting on my makeup, I had a strong feeling that said, “This is what your day will be like when you’re getting ready for the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards”.  I got so giddy and happy and overwhelmed with that feeling that it actually felt like I was getting ready for Awards Season.  Act as if, right?!  I believe this card is saying, “Yes, act as if but scale it back a notch or two!”  Okay, so I might not be going to the Academy Awards any time soon BUT I believe I’ll get there soon-ish!

Enemy action taken against you: XI Justice

I was stumped to see my beautiful Libra Justice card here but I suppose it makes sense.  This could be about people trying to find ways to get me down during the process of this film and that’s okay.  There will always be naysayers and people pushing back or trying to expose parts of you to take you down and I know that’s part of the process and that is surprisingly fine with me.


Your greatest strength: Five of Wands

Another surprise card!  My greatest strength is dealing with conflict, I suppose.  I’ll admit that I do enjoy the occasional challenge.  I guess when it comes down to creative differences, challenges are unavoidable and I think it’s a good sign that this would be my greatest strength because I would be acting with courage and integrity with my passion project.



To be perfectly honest, this past year, year and a half, I’ve been shedding the fears that used to keep me trapped.  The fear of the unknown, the fear of branching out, the fear of *gasp* stepping outside of my comfort zone!  All those fears have been slowly dissolving.  One thing that has helped me tremendously is this Clearing and Shielding Meditation with Archangel Michael by Gale Minchew, PhD and a newfound confidence I never really felt safe to have.

After learning what I did in Angels and Spirit Guides 101 with Amanda Meder, I had a better understanding of my Higher Self, Soul Contracts, and most spiritual things.  That kind of helped me put everything into perspective in a way and helped to make me feel safe about certain decisions I would have to make.  Elle North from Drawing Within‘s #7daysofsacred really helped me explore what felt right and set up a daily practice.  And now, I can’t wait to continue my learning spree!  This coming Saturday I’m attending a Psychic Development Circle at my local metaphysical shop and on Monday, Woo Woo 101 with Vix from New Age Hipster starts!

I know it sounds silly that I didn’t feel comfortable making decisions because of this or that but really, I’m so used to things settling down and being “safe” that I was kind of afraid of trying something new because safe is something you already know and what could go wrong with that, right?!  I feel like a new person!  Haha how corny: new year, new me but in my case, I feel like it’s really true – and in an empowering way!

Are you taking any new courses or doing anything you’re really excited about this year?  Let me know!  Also, be sure to drop Lisa a line if you try out the Archangel Michael spread!


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