Leo Full Moon – A Spread

Tonight’s Full Moon in Leo feels like a big one.  I don’t know why but something about it does.  I think that part of me is realizing that I have missed doing my New and Full Moon rituals at my old apartment in my own space and quiet time.  And on these Moons, I would also bring all of my crystals friends out to my closed-in deck to cleanse them with Sage or Palo Santo or both.  While I love my current living situation, one thing is missing: an outdoor deck.  I’m not a huge fan of bringing my crystals out to the common area of the parking lot area at my apartment complex.  Cleansing my crystals and decks is very sacred to me and not something I want to do while “on display”.

I decided I needed a new ritual, especially since it snowed last night and it’s way too cold to be outside for too long, says the Puerto Rican living in Atlanta.  Winter and I do not get along.  Yes, I enjoy the stillness and calm that Winter brings but I don’t enjoy bundling up.  I’m still fine-tuning my indoor Winter Weather Advisory ritual and so far, I’m feeling pretty good.  Lots of candles, incense, and Palo Santo burning away!

Luckily for us, this fiery Full Moon feels transformative.  Maybe because it’s the first Full Moon on 2016.  Maybe because it’s in confident, ambitious Leo.  Either way, I’m loving the energies and I want to capitalize on these transformative, ambitious energies as much as I can!

Where did I find this small but mighty spread?  I signed up for Ethony‘s Enchanted Life Guide and this spread was tucked inside.  Let me say that this guide was quite the interesting read!  It’s full of wonderful bits of information like a Tarot Personality Full Moon Forecast.  Don’t know what your Tarot Personality is?  Take the quiz here!  I’m a Tarot Shadow Master 🙂  The Crystal Ally for this Full Moon is one of my favorites, Labradorite!  She has included great metaphysical facts and the healing properties of Labradorite so you can start using it in your practice.  She also has the Money Magic Manifestation Card for the Full Moon which is: “I release any people who are not healthy for my life with love and forgiveness.”  I love the theme of release because it ties in really well with the theme of my reading.  Be sure to check out the Enchanted Life Guide for February’s Full Moon in Virgo!

Personal Power = Where is your personal power during this Full Moon: Page of Swords

I’ve got the enthusiasm, the passion and energy to get started on a new idea.  I love it!  Yes, I’ve been staying the course on my big picture goal but I’ve started focusing on my smaller goals as well.  I started calorie counting again and even though it is very stressful, I’m doing it.  I also started reworking my TV show idea from the ground up.  I think my writing partner situation is not going to work out, unfortunately.  No worries though!  I’m keeping optimistic and hoping I can ride this momentum to a successful TV show and feature film!

Drop the drama = What belief, relationship or habit no longer serves you: Ten of Swords

Speaking of my writing partner situation, sounds like dropping them is a good idea.  But this card spoke to me on another matter.  Two people who I considered to be my best friends just up and left without so much as a goodbye for petty reasons.  I’ve been upset about this for months but lately, when I haven’t been dreaming about my feature film, I’ve been dreaming about releasing them from my life.  I’ve thanked them and received some truths from them in my dreams and because of that, I’m finding some sort of closure.  Because of that, I’m very happy to see this card here.

Take a risk = What area of your life could benefit from a risk taken: Page of Pentacles

More Page energy?  Love it!  Love this Page of prosperity and materialization!  Yes, I recorded my movie pitch but the burning question is: When will I upload the damn thing?!  Take a risk!  Upload it!  Put that energy out there!  This card reflects a very favorable outcome, which makes me very enthusiastic about this project!  Okay…enough talking the talk.  Can I just walk the walk already?!


Be creative = Where are you being challenged to be creative and think outside the box?  Eight of Cups

Another awesome card!  This card couldn’t be more appropriate for thinking outside the box.  This card is about changing perspectives and opening up to new ways of thinking, seeing, and being.  What ways can I shift my views?  Will I explore new avenues?  What avenues might those be?  Seeking out the help of others?  Networking with more people?  Reaching out in places I didn’t know existed up until now?  Hmmm…sounds scary…and exciting!

My needs = Where I am seeking validation in my life?  Queen of Wands

I need to be careful to stay the course but not burn myself out or alienate others in the process.  I try to be charismatic and deal with any obstacles with grace and enthusiasm but after some time, it can start to weigh heavy.  I  like that I’m seeking validation for this behaviour because, for once, I’m doing what I feel is best.  Unfortunately this might hurt some feelings but I have to do what is best in the long run.  I can’t keep people around if they’re not contributing when they say they will.  I would also like to note that I’m not usually one to be the center of attention but I feel like this is saying that I’m okay with that if my script gains traction.

Fiery?  Check!  Ambitious?  Double check!  Being okay with releasing?  Triple check!  I’m ready to say goodbye to the people and things that aren’t vibing with me anymore.  My hoarder self is okay with moving on away from these things.  When I was growing up, my Dad was in the military so I wasn’t used to having friends for a long time.  When we finally settled down in Georgia, I held on closely to my friends because they meant a lot in my life.  But, as I got older, I started to resent the fact that people changed enough that they would evolve out of my life.  I wanted to hold on to them, especially if I held them close.  I’m understanding now that releasing them is healthy and not so terrible after all.  I can hold on to the happy memories and express gratitude for their impact in my life but I also have to evolve myself.  That’s not so terrible, right?

Phew!  How’s that for Leo theatrics?  Happy Leo Full Moon!


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