Tarot Wheel of the Year 2016 – February Card

Hello hello!  Welcome to February!  January was kinda blah blah in a sense but there were lots of transformational vibes abound!  I was hoping for an creative energy zap for February.  Let’s see what the cards say!

Apparently February is giving us a break since January was pretty eventful.  There has been a lot of “change” / “transformation” talk going on and I’m hoping February will give us all the chance to chill and recuperate for a second.  This Four of Swords is asking us to take a step back and really contemplate what we want for this year.  Simone Butler and Anna Francesca Celestino have said in their February Cosmic Download that clarity is coming.  Even though may be starting to find clarity on your goals for 2016, you should still take it easy.  Listen to the Four of Swords here.  Take that time that is usually about rest and use it for contemplation and pre-planning.  Maybe while you’re contemplating, write down your goals or make a Vision Board – another awesome suggestion in the Cosmic Download!

I will admit, I signed up for ALL THE COURSES for this year because I’m not the best goal-setter but I’d like to at least try.  This is going to sound really silly and super counter-intuitive but goal-setting kinda freaks me out.  Anything that feels that structured does not jive well with me.  But then I start checking out other people’s Vision Boards and I get all jealous.  Why can’t I do that?  Oh yeah, because I’m a multipotentialite and I can’t seem to focus on any one thing.  But I guess that’s what Vision boards are about, right?  Not settling on just one thing because who wants to only accomplish one thing this year, or any year for that matter??

So.  This month, are you going to start really setting your goals for 2016 and/or possibly beyond?  Are you going to take that sacred pause moment from the Four of Swords and really start to lay the big picture foundations for 2016?  I love the other message in the Four of Swords: stop worrying so much!  I’m a chronic worrier and this is a gentle reminder to me that all is in Divine Time.  Yes, I can still put my plan into action but I can’t be the only moving piece.  I need to practice patience, especially with others.  Yes, that’s definitely going on my Vision Board for sure!  Thank you, Four of Swords!

How will you put this into action this month?


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