Deck Interview Spread: 78 Cards

Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope you’re having a great one so far!  I’ve been buzzing around running errands but I wanted to spend some quality time with my beautiful new deck before the day got away from me!

Because I missed the Kickstarter fun on this deck by *this much*, I got in on the second round of Lana Zellner‘s 78 Cards!  Honestly, I forget how this deck even popped up in my feed but I’m so glad it did!  It was either Insta, Tumblr, Facebook or any of the amazing writers mentioning they had a part in the book.  I mean, seriously, how amazing is this lineup: Kelly-Anne Maddox writing the Majors (WHAAT!),  Ethony Dawn writing the Swords (!!!), Sebastian Akesson writing the Cups (ZOMG!!), Christy Talbot writing the Wands, and Lana herself writing the Pentacles!  Love it!  The artwork is crazy beautiful, especially since I love love love tattoo art!

For now, I only have the deck but the book will be ordered soon.  Until then, let’s see how my Tarot knowledge handles these beauties!

I used Beth‘s awesome Deck Interview Spread.

Tell me about yourself.  What is your most important characteristic?  Two of Pentacles

This deck will help me find the balance in my readings, especially if I’m in a position to give or take advice.  Very direct.  I like it already!





 What are your strengths?  Four of Pentacles

It depends on what other cards are around and in what spreads.  Right now, the deck is being careful with what its sharing.  The next card sheds a little more light on that.





 What are your weaknesses?  Five of Cups

This deck has a tendency to stay stuck in the past sometimes and hang on to the negative rather than the positive.  For that reason, I use my discernment with the Four of Pentacles so I can figure out where the balance in the Two of Pentacles is in everything.  That way, I can focus on the happy future rather than stay stuck in the sadness of the past.



What are you here to teach me?  Ace of Pentacles

There is abundance everywhere!  Aces are new beginnings but because this is the third Pentacle card, I feel the grounded earthiness in this message.  Look for new opportunities in everything!  What are you manifesting?  What are you thinking of doing but are too scared to do?  That that step in the real world!  As my friend used to always say to me, “Don’t be scared!”  The seductive gaze from the Ace beauty is also urging me out of my comfort zone.  Let’s do this!

 How can I best learn and collaborate with you?  Page of Swords

Upon first glance, the look on her face is a little sad but the more I look at her, the more I feel like it’s pensive with a quiet determination.  I feel like quiet determination is appropriate here.  This deck has a quiet determination, which I quite enjoy!



What is the potential of our working together?  Two of Swords

Alright little Libra, this deck going to make you make some decisions!  No matter how hard you try to avoid it, this deck is going to refer back to the Two of Pentacles about some things that might feel out of balance and it might be up to you to say which one stays, which one goes, or if we can find the happy balance the Libra inside craves.


What an interesting first impression!  I can’t wait to read more with this beauty of a deck soon!

Be sure to grab a deck and a book!

Happy weekend everyone!


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