We Are Full of Colors


I have always been intrigued by Auras and Aura photography.  It’s so magical that the electrical sensors you place your hands on reveal your energetic field to be picked up on film.  I was so excited to learn that my local metaphysical store hosted an Aura photographer for Valentine’s weekend.  Then I found out that Radiant Human would be stopping through Atlanta on their tour that same weekend!  Love it!  So now the question is: What do all these pretty colors mean?

The first photo is from my local metaphysical store experience.  That was a very fun / strange experience because there was a large-ish group in front of me that seemed to keep taking FOREVER.  No, seriously.  I got there at around 3pm and it wasn’t until 4:15-ish that I finally got my photo taken and read.  The group irritated me but the photographer calmed me down.  I think it was an exercise in patience and standing up for myself.

As soon as the photo was taken and the colors revealed, the photographer said, “Oh no!  You don’t like waiting and those people kept you waiting longer than you had wanted!”  I admit I dismissed that statement because, yes, it’s extremely true for me – I can’t stand to wait- but then again, who enjoys waiting?  Then the wonderful photographer gave me one of the most in-depth in-person readings ever!

She broke down the photo this way: photo left (my right) represents the Past and Masculine, photo center represents the Present, and photo right (my left) represents the Future and Feminine.  She told me to think about our prismatic selves as a color wheel.  We have the basic Aura colors: Red = passion, willpower, energy, competetive / Blue = peace, clarity, fear, communication, sensitivity, and Yellow = optimism, happiness, power, control, inspiration.  When they mix, that’s when the fun begins!  She told me the yellow-green in my Past / Masculine meant that yellow and blue had to mix in order to create that shade.  She revealed to me about my chronic state of worry (so true – I was born worried!) and that all the worry and anxiety revealed, in the Aqua above my head, that I’m in dire need of a vacation.  Who isn’t?!  But the more I thought about it, the more I started to realize she was 10000000% right.  I tend to worry even when I’m supposed to be on vacation.  My perpetual fear of the unknown, right?  Trying to stay ahead of…what?  The deep deep blue on my Future / Feminine side revealed a guardian with me and my spiritual path.  I felt like she was describing the Moon card in the Tarot but in the positive way: full of mystery, highly intuitive and connected to the subconscious.  She expressed my sensitivity and desire to help others and that something new was coming.  One thing I noticed was that the colours in this photo also resembled the associated colors of the three Archangels I had called on that day: Archangel Raphael (green), Archangel Haniel (silvery blue), and Archangel Michael (deep blue).
This photo is by Christina from Radiant Human.  Taken only a few days apart, what a big difference, right?  Also, I overheard that the right-hand sensor had become unplugged, so we only had the left-hand sensor for us.

The reading went by lightning fast since she had to get to the other people that were filling up the tiny space fast!  And she was reading for two: my friend and I were photographed within minutes of each other.  What was amazing about that was that our Auras were very similar.  Friends, right?!  🙂   We were told that even though we are both extreme introverts, we have no problem being friendly and charming IRL!  Very true 😉

The magenta around me highlighted my highly creative nature (aww!) and the lavender complemented it quite nicely with more creativity and a lot of sensitivity (yep).  The orangey-tan is my “Ooh something shiny” self, always buzzing from thing to thing.  Yes, very true!

What is your opinion on Aura photos?  I like that there are some things that those electrode sensors can pick up but mostly, I love the whole experience!  Relaxing and getting centered, holding a pose for a few seconds, and experiencing the reading afterwards.  Both times, were interesting experiments in waiting (for me) and catching glimpses and readings of other people’s photos was extremely enjoyable!

Have you had your Aura photographed?  Do you have your own insights for these color combinations?  Please let me know!


5 thoughts on “We Are Full of Colors

  1. I posted on Instagram about auras yesterday, and I’m pretty sure it was your earlier post that had got me thinking about them. I’ve never seen them, myself, but I do feel open to the idea that others probably can. My own experiences with that are pretty limited. I’ve never had mine photographed, and only had a few people tell me they could see it. The first was a palm reader who gave me a dynamite reading when I was just getting metaphysical myself. I had told him almost nothing in the way of personal info, but he took a fairly quick look at my palms, and then gave me an eerily accurate description of myself. He also said my aura is “very blue.” But then several years later, I had someone else tell me it’s white…and a third person even later still say that it’s a mix of blue and white. So I don’t know now whether auras change much over time, if they change wildly all the time depending on our moods, or if one or more of these readers were just way off…?

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    1. I feel like Auras are like mood rings (I forget who said it in the comments but I love that!), always changing based on the energies of that day. I feel like everyone has an Auric “base”, if you will. Like, the “heart” of our Aura. Quite possibly the blue in yours could be your “base” and then the things around it change day to day.
      I kind of wanted to test that theory during these two instances since they were just a few days apart but I feel like it’s too inconclusive since one of the hand sensors was out of play for the second photo.
      Either way, the experience of getting your Aura photographed and read is so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again! I would love to see yours 😀 I bet it’s so vibrant and prismatic!

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      1. I was the one who made the comparison with mood rings — I am a child of the ’70s, and I flash back to those things often for some reason, even though I never owned one. 😀

        Your idea of an auric “base” makes good sense to me, as opposed to the idea of the entire thing just flashing madly through all manner of colors with no constancy whatsoever. I find that concept tougher to get behind…

        And yes, it’s too bad that the equipment wasn’t cooperating when you had your two photos taken in a short period of time — that would have been very educational to compare the two images! Next time…

        And thanks for the kind words! If I get mine snapped, I’ll loop you in!

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