My Morning Ritual

During Elle North‘s amazing 7 Days of Sacred earlier this year, I picked up a piece of beautiful advice from the Facebook group that turned into the foundation of my morning ritual.  I forget who it came from (sorry!) but it was so powerful and I can’t wake up without it!  ❤

When my alarm goes off, I immediately say, “Good morning”.  I can’t help it!  It is a new day, after all, and it most definitely is a good morning.  Next, I sit up, take a big stretch, bring my hands to prayer at my heart, and let my feet dangle above the floor.  After that, I say “Hello” three times (the way RuPaul does on Drag Race) followed by “Thank you” three times (I guess three is my lucky number!).  I added: “…thank you for this new day to love and be loved” because it just felt right and I feel like I need the daily reminder to start my days with love: giving it and accepting it.  After listening to one of Kyle Gray‘s speeches (a gift when I pre-ordered Raise Your Vibration), I added “Thank you Angels for reminding me of your presence today and everyday” because I love the ways my Angels communicate with me daily.  After all that is done, I let my feet touch the ground and get on with my day!

It sounds more complicated than it actually is but it’s so quick and lovely, I can’t imagine starting my day any other way!

So why am I writing about this?  This morning, while I was thanking my Angels, I saw very clear words that said:

And I very clearly heard, on top of my own voice, “You are a pawn.  Tell her she is a pawn and it’s time to move on.”  What was strange was that this voice sounded kind of far away, like it was talking to me through someone else.  It wasn’t scary or off-putting but I was surprised at how matter-of-fact the voice was.  I immediately went to my dream journal and wrote it down before I forgot it the way I had forgotten the dreams I had had the night before.

On the drive to work, I was thinking about my May card and how strong the urge is to walk away from my job and finally move on.  Maybe that’s what today’s message was: a not-so-gentle reminder that it’s time to move on once and for all.

Do you have a morning ritual?  If so, what do you do?  What kinds of messages have you received and how do you put them into action?  I’d love to hear!  Thank you!


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