Tarot Wheel of the Year 2016 – June Card

Can you believe we’re already in June?!  I  know I can’t!  That’s why this post is *cough*late*cough*  How did May treat you?  What did you walk away from?  What are you stepping into?

So nice for the Two of Cups to show up!  This card isn’t just about lovey dovey stuff, this card is about partnerships.  What new partnerships are being forged this month?  Have you met some new folks that are more your speed?  Have more people that are into what you’re into popped into your life?  Have you met that/those *perfect* collaborator(s)?  I’m still waiting for my writing partner to manifest themselves to me so that we can get cracking on some stories together!

June is such a perfect time for this kind of energy, I think.  Summer is one of my favorite seasons because there’s so much energy buzzing.  Kids are out of school, people are taking time to relax (including you, I hope!), and there’s just this kind of vibrating energy of excitement.  What new things are you going to try?  What new places are you going to visit?  What new people will enter into your life?  What new adventures will you go on?

With all that in mind, let’s take another look at the Two of Cups.  Where can you invite more harmony into your life this month?  Personally, I’ve signed up for a local Tarot course here in town: Major Arcana Through The Lens of Astrology hosted by Kelley Knight.  I am so excited to *finally* get a chance to meet her (we’re friends on the interwebs), see her new space (!!!), and meet other like-minded Tarot lovers in Atlanta!  So exiting!

What plans do you have for June?  I’d love to know!

PS: to check out the other Wheel of the Year cards, click here!


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