Spirit de la Lune Spiral Moon Spread


I finally was able to spend some quality time with my Spirit de la Lune deck!  I’ve had it for longer than I’d like to admit but I felt like it was finally time to work with it since the new Linestrider came in.  I could almost feel them calling out to each other!  I thumbed through the Spirit de la Lune book to find a pretty interesting-looking spread called the Spiral Moon Spread.  It’s a lovely spread and I’m so happy that I’ve taken my time with it.

How well do these two play along?  Let’s find out!

The Querent: The One Who Seeks –> Four of Pentacles + Waning Gibbous / Surrender

While I was adjusting my shuffle routine for the round cards, a card jumped out all like “Pick me!  Pick me!”  I put it with my still face down Linestrider cards but took a sneaky peek: Surrender.  This word is seriously following me around!  It’s kind of like a push/pull scenario with the these two cards.  The Four of Pentacles wants to hold on to everything while the Waning Gibbous moon is ready to let go and give up control (to a degree).


Other Party or Environmental Factors Involved –> Six of Pentacles + Aries / The Inspirer

You may or may not know that my boyfriend is an Aries, so I thought it was funny that the Aries Moon card showed up here!  It’s funny that these two cards are together.  There’s no doubt that the Aries in my life plays a big role and lately, I’ve been exploring the help aspect of the Six of Pentacles.  Part of “Surrendering” is knowing when to stop resisting certain things and, for me, it’s this desire to do things alone because I’ve been going at  certain things alone for quite some time now.

New Moon: What Is Beginning to Grow In This Situation –> Eight of Pentacles + Waxing Crescent / Envision

I love this!  What’s beginning to grow?  My skills and my vision for the future.  I’m doing more heavy-duty research on quite a few things in my metaphysical studies and my career, so this feels right.  I have also been advised that my current career and my metaphysical practices will soon be merging.  I’m not sure how since I don’t like being in front of the camera, so maybe a collaboration of sorts?  We’ll see!  I’ll have to start meditating more and see what sort of fun messages pop in from my Guides and Angels!

Waxing Crescent: How Can Creative Energy Be Harnessed At This Time –> Ten of Pentacles + Last Quarter / Release

I think it’s so funny that I shuffled both decks really well and, with the Linestrider, I still ended up with a pretty impressive string of even-numbered Pentacles.  But it also shows you how I shuffle the decks lol!  Instead of fighting it, or reshuffling, I just went with it.  Instead of focusing on the money side of the Ten of Pentacles, I went for the Earthy, physical side.  I thought about home, my personal life, and how I could use my experiences to help release things that are no longer needed in my life and help others do the same.  Releasing is great for us all and if I can help others with my experiences, I would love that!

First Quarter: What Shift In Focus Needs To Occur For Further Growth –> Knight of Pentacles + Waxing Crescent / Support

Well, I don’t exactly like to take my time or ask for help, for that matter.  I like to think I come off pretty chill but it’s fairly easy to tap into my impatience.  The Knight of Pentacles is asking me to take my time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, okay!  And asking for support isn’t a bad thing.  I don’t know why but I feel like asking for support can be stressful at times.  The Support card is very sweet in telling me that I should turn towards my Root Chakra and take care not to over-extend myself.  I don’t have to do it alone!

Waxing Gibbous: What Action Can Be Taken Now –> Four of Cups + Waxing Crescent / Rest

I need to break out of this creative rut I’ve created for myself.  I feel like I have this “Meh” feeling that I just can’t shake!  Part of that could be that I’m not taking care of mySelf (as reflected in the Support card above).  This is saying to me that I need to listen to my body more, tune in, and sense what it needs.  I’m never great at doing my own energetic body scans so I’ll try to find a guided meditation (and share it if you’re interested!) to help with that.  It’s time to start cultivating a more loving relationship with my body so that we can understand each other better.  I think I’ve been putting this off for quite some time because it’s something I’m not too jazzed about (weird, right?) but now is the time!

Full Moon: The Blessing; The Heart Opener; The Key To Fulfillment –> Six of Cups + Waning Crescent / Be

Going along with the Ten of Pentacles / Release combo, I feel this is very important.  Full Moons are about releasing and the Six of Cups is about that nostalgic feeling that my Inner Child (the Knight of Cups) and I like to live in.  I focus so much on the feelings I’ve felt instead of focusing on the feeling the present moment.  The Be card is nudging me to let go of that, continue with my forgiveness practice, and release the past with ease and trust.  I have a Louise Hay mantra on my mirror at home that says, “I release the past with ease and trust in the process of life”.  I feel like I should carry that with me everywhere!  But I know I can use this cycle to help others on their own journeys.  That is my Heart Opener.

Disseminating Moon: What Obstacle Is Obstructing The Path –> Page of Swords + Cancer / The Nurturer

I feel as though this Page has been stalking me in my readings for myself and for others!  I see that it’s an obstacle I have to overcome, along with Hermit-y Cancer (again?!)  Well, Cancer isn’t always Hermit-y, but they do like to spread the love to everyone but themselves from time to time…These two cards together tell me that my main obstacle is that I come up with that initial creative spark but I let my emotions take the driver’s seat which ends up leading me to drown them out because of fear-based thinking.  I just can’t seem to get past a certain point, so I guess I’ll have to drive right over this obstacle and keep on moving!

Last Quarter: What Can Be Released That No Longer Serves The Situation –> Strength + Seed Moon / New Growth

My current lack of inner strength is definitely something that is no longer serving me or any situation!  There’s some serious self-doubt happening here and that’s got to go!  Obviously, the spirit of the Seed Moon can’t prosper if I’m stuck in negative patterns.  I feel as though all of my ideas that are waiting to burst forth from this seed are being held back by the Strength lion’s paw that holds it closed.  I guess it’s time to show compassion to the lion so that I may gently remove its paw off the seed(s) so I can nurture them fully!

Waning Crescent: What Is The Seed of Wisdom That Can Be Taken Away to Begin A New Spiral –> Death + New Moon / New Beginnings

Love these two together!  Transformation and New Beginnings!  When one thing ends, another begins, right?  Death is such a powerful transformational card.  And, I feel like when I begun my Tarot journey, I started cultivating a relationship with the New Moon in a way I never had before.  I’m slowly starting to understand the raw power of the New Moon (and all the phases) and with these two cards together, I feel like the New Moon really is a very important phase for me, almost more important than my beloved Full Moon.  Anyways, love letter to moon phases aside, it’s clearly time to start birthing these creative babies and start a new chapter in my life!

The Outcome For The Current Energy Spiral     –> Two of Cups + Waxing Crescent / Refine

New friendships, collaborations, renewed love, and joy in my life along with the strong need to go ahead and put the Law of Attraction practices into action (for real this time!).  It’s like my Mom always said to me, “I know you know, but do you really know?”  I know the general principles of the LoA and manifestation  but do I really know?  I know that in order for things to manifest and materialize, I have to take action.  Most of the time, I’m stuck with one foot in and the other out, paralyzed by fear of *insert any fear here* but it’s time to shake all of that off!  I feel like these cards are calling me out big time but I’m happy to report that I’ve been taking baby steps, slowly moving forward towards my dreams and I’m loving it so far!  It’s scary, yes, but the good kind of scary, as reflected in this amazing article I saw on The Numinous yesterday.  Very timely and much needed!  See, things aren’t so scary after all!

Phew!  I feel like this spread peeled away a lot of layers and shed light on some deeply rooted fears, insecurities, and outdated patterns I need to get rid of!  If you’ve made it this far, thank you for joining me on this journey!  I highly recommend this spread and the Spirit de la Lune deck!  The Spirit de la Lune and the Linestrider are wonderful companions and I hope to read with them together again soon!

Hope you’re having a great week! ❤  Hello, weekend!

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