Tarot Wheel of the Year 2016 – August Card + ATL Tarot Meet Up!

Oh my glob, it’s August already?!  Where is the time going?  How was your July?  Did your thoughts take over or did you let them brush off?  What does August have in store for us?  What’s with all the questions?!

For August, I wrote quite a few notes in my journal when I drew this spread.  I felt a lot of transition around the home environment.  In my journal, I wrote my mom’s name and my boyfriend’s mom’s name since at the time I drew this spread, my mom’s house was about to be under construction and my boyfriend’s mom was house hunting.  So, my Mom will be closing this month (!!!!), my dad and his girlfriend closed on their place a few weeks ago and will be moving in this month, and my boyfriend’s mom’s house should be finished with renovations this month.  Whoa!  That’s a lot of happy home-ness!  Not to mention that my boyfriend’s sister and her family will be putting their house up for sale and start their house hunting adventure this month!

The key words in my journal for this card are: Transition, Home, Abundance, Happiness, and Prosperity.  Not everything is centered around the home, though.  I feel that this month will have quite the transformative vibe, which is a welcome relief after my intense July.  What about you?  Are you looking for a post-July reprieve too?  August feels like a great month for shaking off those bad vibes in order to bring in the good stuff.  I’ve been feeling like August was going to be one of those months since the beginning of the year and the synchronicities have been popping up everywhere!  Any reference to August in the form of: 8, Leo, Lion, Fall…have all been popping up.  One example is that, earlier in March, a coworker did a little Photoshop mastery and put me and another coworker of ours into a production version of “American Gothic”.  We had a slate in the photo labeled “0815”.  Since then, I’ve been anxious to see what August 15th (or any other day in August!) has in store!

What about you?  Do you have any big plans for August?  Do you feel the change in the air?  I’d love to know!

**Atlanta people!  Kelley and I are co-hosting a Tarot Meet Up for like-minded Tarot people in ATL to hang out, meet IRL, and connect!  Make sure you RSVP here!

PS: to check out the other Wheel of the Year cards, click here!


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