Full Moon Spread: Sturgeon Moon, August 2016


I haven’t done a Full Moon reading / ritual / cleansing / releasing in quite some time.  After Thursday’s extremely powerful Enter The Sacred Temple session with Elayne Kalila Doughty, I found myself in a daze picking decks, lighting candles, ringing my singing bowl, shuffling cards, and laying them out while she was witnessing what we wanted to release.  I let that be the time where I asked the cards to guide me.  I feel like I’ve been stumbling along so why not ask for guidance?  Boy, did they have answers.

The Full Moon spread I used was from the Seeds of Shakti Oracle guidebook.  Still in a haze, I scribbled down basic notes for each pair that I wasn’t even aware of until about an hour or 2 after the meditation.  It was pretty intense but so wonderful.

What is being illuminated?  Four of Cups + Lingham

It’s no surprise that my boredom/stagnation is being illuminated at this time.  Not only that but also feeling left out, under appreciated, and ignored.  I’ve been struggling to write about it for weeks now but it just doesn’t feel right to share.  I feel like it would be giving some kind of power to my victimhood when, really, I should be focusing on balance.  The Lingham is the balance of male and female which is another thing I feel like I’m struggling with at the moment.  I used to force certain things to be a certain way for me and even though I consider myself to be more open-minded than most, I quietly set up restrictions for myself for whatever reason.  Then I watched Kelly-Ann Maddox’s amazing video on unlearning what is unhelpful and it just…clicked.  For personal reasons I won’t get into why I restricted myself the way I did (unless you really want to know) but hearing Kelly-Ann’s words and then experiencing the Primal Goddess meditation last night, I feel like I can finally start to free myself of those restrictions.  Since I don’t put those restrictions on others, why on Earth would I put them on myself?  That leads to alienation, isolation, and a proper imbalance.

What blessing does this Full Moon bring? Eight of Crystals + Manipura (Solar Plexus)

I sat with this card longer than I did with the others because I enjoyed observing it.  I wrote that this was asking me to fully observe my strengths, not just my skills.  How can I nourish them so that they can thrive?  Practice makes perfect, sure, but how can I practice if I don’t do anything?  There was a strong creative feel here only punctuated by the Manipura card.  I was still feeling the effects of the Primal Goddess fire in me and I was so happy to turn this card over.  Reflecting on the Four of Cups above, my under-active Solar Plexus became beautifully illuminated in the Primal Goddess fire.  Observe then lovingly create.  You’ll find your way soon enough.

What is my hidden strength?  Eight of Swords + Waning Moon

Yes, my hidden strength is knowing that I have the power to escape my trappings but my fear is taking that first step.  Certain things from the past have been popping into my mind a lot lately and I think that once I face it, I can release it once and for all.  There’s something very strong with this pair.  I feel as if my soul is crying out to me to release these old patterns and habits and emotions so that we can move full steam ahead like we’re supposed to.  Instead, I’m here, stuck in the mud.  It’s time.  It’s time.

How can I release stagnant energy?  King of Swords + Full Moon

How appropriate!  I felt the sharp coldness of the King and wrote down “Cut through it.  See the truth and don’t be afraid.  Stand in your power.”  Easier said than done, am I right?!  And then the Full Moon card had to show up and remind me of my connection to the Moon and how potent her energy is.  I almost heard a whispering that said something along the lines of, “Don’t be afraid to send me what you want to release.  I will handle it for you, love.”

My message from the Moon.  Three of Crystals + Meditate

Meditate.  What a lovely idea.  I haven’t been able to sit still long enough to enjoy a juicy, nourishing meditative practice in a few weeks now but I’ve been pushed to sit still and reflect.  Let whatever come up, come up.  Witness it, observe it, then let it pass on by.  This Three of Crystals/Pentacles for me is more about harmonizing my body, mind, and spirit by seeking the wisdom of my power animal.  I asked my Angels to give me a message about something else in my dream last night but today, I think I will seek my power animal wisdom so I can move forward more powerfully.

Did the Full Moon illuminate things for you?  I would love to know!

The screenshot of the Full Moon above was from Periscoper @cjstuben9‘s beautiful moon broadcast from his telescope!  Be sure to give him a follow!


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