Mercury Rx In Virgo: A Spread

It’s September?  Already?!  Where is this year flying off to?!

I figured it would be interesting to see what this Mercury Rx would bring, especially since the shadow period was bringing me way down.  My words would get lost, my mind would blank out, if I touched any kind of technology it was pretty much operator error – which is so not me.  This has been quite an eye-opening Mercury Rx period for me…and it just started!  Honestly, me and Mercury Rx get along fairly well but there’s just something about this one so look out because it’s about to get real up in here!

This spread is by Chelsea Smith of Noble Lion Prints.  I hope you get a chance to try it out!

Which area of your life needs to be turned around during this transit: Seven of Swords

After I performed this reading, I went for a short walk by myself.  I wanted to feel the breeze on my face and listen to the sounds of nature (and a major roadway) while I contemplated this Seven of Swords.  My mind blanked out on the imagery as soon as I walked out the door, pretty much!  But halfway through, the it came back in: seven swords in the image of the Moon.  What secrets am I keeping?  Well, for starters, I was thinking about Kelly-Ann Maddox’s Self-Love September and how I opened up about my own feelings with self-love and self-care in a thread for the Sounds & Sessions people.  Granted, I kept it short-ish and sweet-ish but I revealed quite a bit.  I almost regretted posting it since I’m such a “suffer in silence”-type person but recently, I’ve been feeling the need to unburden myself (thank you, Raven!).  A little voice popped in my head and said, “Be honest, don’t just tuck the issues away.  Be open but definitely be careful who you share with.”  Like I said, I’m a “suffer in silence”-type of person and that stems from me having to figure out quite a few things on my own.  I don’t usually reach out for help which is partly my fault because of personal blocks I have not cleared and also I sometimes feel that people don’t want to hear what I’m going through.  Sounds to me like I signed up for Sounds & Sessions at the perfect time.  Don’t you just love Divine Timing?

What can you do to communicate better in your relationships: The High Priestess

Here’s the other thing: I want to join Elle North and Sora Surya No‘s School for The High Priestess so badly and here she is telling me that her energy will help my communication.  Not only that, I’ve been away from my spiritual practice for quite some time.  I’ve been slowly getting back into it but I have really been dragging my feet, to be honest.  And this card is a great compliment to the Seven of Swords.  Open up, be more honest, express your Self.  The High Priestess in this deck is so luscious and expressive.  I feel like she’s been whispering in my ear lately because I’ve been creating more.  And it feels amazing!  As far as relationships go, I’m not just thinking about communication with my boyfriend, I’m thinking about communications with my friends at work and outside of work and being more open to the idea to journal more.  I keep saying that I will but I don’t – partly because I don’t want to give more energy to any bad feelings but also because I kinda don’t want to face that shit but I know I have to.  I can’t keep putting it off forever…

How can you communicate better with the Universe to get what you want: Ace of Cups

The big thing that came through for me was an outpouring of love.  Yes, I have my daily gratitude practice but what else can I do to communicate with the Universe?  Self-care, self-love, joy, more gratitude, and tenderness.  While on my walk, I heard “Keep the waters of communication flowing feeling through happiness, joy, Unconditional Love, optimism, self-love, self-care, and all things that make you happy”.  I have a tendency to feel guilty if I’m enjoying myself too much.  That stems from a much larger issue that needs to be dealt with in time but for now, it’s okay to relax and enjoy it all!

How can you best prepare for the inevitable mischief that Mercury will cause: The Magician

I love that The Magician is sitting across The High Priestess, especially after this encounter.  During my walk, I felt like this card was telling me to stand in my power, to keep on with my spiritual practice and to never, ever fear my full potential.  You know how sometimes we seem to self-sabotage?  I know I do and this is saying to stop it immediately!  Yeah, yeah, Mercury Rx is bad, whatevs, but is it really?  That’s what it wants you to think!  It wants you to think that we are powerless because of this cycle that happens at least 4 times a year and yet we’re still alive, we’re still here, life goes on.  What does the Magician say?  This Magician says not to buy into the whole fear aspect of Mercury Rx because we are in charge.  We can harness it to enhance our experiences.

Outcome of this Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: Queen of Wands (jumper!)

While I was shuffling, this card jumped right out as I was thinking on this particular position.  I put it in this position, then moved it to the first position because I was unsure about it belonging in this position but it felt weird in the first position, so I moved it back here.  It just feels right.  The header for this card in the Lumina guidebook says “Limitless Potential”.  Love it!  I do love this Queen because she’s so fiery and Wands are the perfect action cards!  There are quite a few things I want to get going but only I’ve been standing in my own way and I’m extremely frustrated with myself!  I think that as the month progresses (and as the MRx rages on lol), I’ll find my inner Queen of Wands and feel into the empowered feeling this card brings.  I know I need to do the work and I know I need to stay with it!  How serendipitous that Self-Love September is going on because it’s such an empowering thing.

Are you participating in Self-Love September?  If so, have you seen this video?  Will you share your story?  I might!  I’d love to read about your journey!


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