Tarot Wheel of the Year 2016 – October Card

How Two of Wands-y was your September?  Did you break out of that transitional energy and pick a path, so to speak?  What’s going down this October?  Let’s find out together!

While this may look like a gloomy card, the Five of Wands is actually a great card to follow up Self-Love September for me.  While it traditionally means strife or conflict of some kind, I think this is more of me facing challenges and rising to the occasion.  Standing up for myself, being open to new things, and being confident about the decisions that I’ve made (September’s Two of Wands).

Personally, I’ve made it a point to get even more dedicated to my Spiritual practice and I’m very happy with that decision.  But I know I have a tendency to fall off when things start to feel regimented and forced sometimes.  It makes me think of the saying: ‘Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.’  The same could be said about a Spiritual practice, I think.  Find what resonates with you and it won’t feel tough to follow.  It takes about 21 days to form a habit, right?  I felt that during the Moon Magic Class I attended hosted by Kelley, of Modern Mystic Tarot, and her husband, Brandon.  It was illuminating (see what I did there!) But in all seriousness, it was wonderful and I learned A LOT, specifically about it being okay to try out different techniques.

This all goes back to the Five of Wands.  You might have people telling you one thing but don’t let that be the end-all-be-all!  Don’t be afraid to challenge them and the status quo.  You might find that something might work better if you challenge it.

Take this challenge card as a challenge to make positive change!  Where can you challenge yourself and others in a positive manner?  Who might be challenging you and how can you rise to the occasion, positively of course!

What things are you looking forward to this month?  Let me know so we can send out the good vibes together!
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