Tarot Wheel of the Year 2016 – November Card + Musings

Can you believe it’s already November?! Where is this year flying off to?  How was your October?  Was your go with the Five of Wands interesting or a bit of a challenge?  Honestly, my October was quite the challenge BUT without challenge, there is no growth.  What lovely growth do we see for November?

The Chariot has been quietly stalking me all year.  I say quietly because it has shown up quite a bit, even with others reading for me! Here’s one example: I received a single card draw from Kelley of Modern Mystic Tarot, and got…The Chariot!

There is definitely something ambitious brewing.  Actually, I can feel quite a bit brewing.  The horses pulling in opposite directions tell me that there’s quite  bit going on.  I feel that there’s that internal vs external conflict, in a way, especially drawing from October’s Five of Wands.  But the sheer determination on the Charioteer’s face is enough to keep us going down our path.  What is your path?  What ambitions do you plan on conquering?  Do you see yourself riding to victory this month?  Please let me know!

The Wild Unknown version of The Chariot speaks to me on a different level.  I don’t own a copy of The Wild Unknown but I do enjoy the imagery of the Majors.  Since this card has come to me, I’ve been trying to connect with it a little more.  I can feel the High Priestess presence in the crescent Moon on the horse’s forehead.  The orb at the top also tells me something different.

I feel that the orb is an occultation during a solar eclipse.  The intuitive, Feminine Full Moon covering the Masculine, action-oriented Sun, if only for a moment, letting both the Sun’s rays and the Moon’s beams surround the horse.  The horse, she is determined.  The Pentacle around her neck keeps her grounded but she is still wild and free.  The crescent Moon on her forehead is a connection to her subconscious.  I have been feeling the High Priestess energy ever since enrolling in the School for the High Priestess.  Her energy has been coming up everywhere, so imagine my surprise when I felt it in this Chariot card!

Not only that, I received a Crystal Scrying reading for Samhain from Kelly-Ann Maddox that BLEW. MY. MIND.  In it, she gave me so much to work on and I love it.  LOVE. IT.  I took a cue from the Five of Pentacles that had come in during a reading I had done for myself and reached out for assistance and because of that, my Soul feels wonderful.  The reason I bring it up is because during her reading, she mentioned, you guessed it, the High Priestess energy, which didn’t take me back to the High Priestess card, it took me to the Wild Unknown Chariot card: the horse, wild and free but on a path.  That’s the reason why The Chariot has been quietly stalking me.  How can I be wild and free but still on my path and live in the moment?  What lessons are being revealed?

Does that resonate for you as well?  Let me know!  Let’s do this together ❤


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