The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot Deck Interview

I recently got this lil baby in the mail and omg the art is even more beautiful in person!  I love it!!  But because I love the artwork so much, I’m sad to say that the orange borders are kind of a buzzkill with this one.  Dare I say it, will this be the first ever deck I attempt at modifying?  I’m hesitant to take a paper cutter / scissors / Xacto / sharp object to these babies but that pop of orange has got to go.

Orange borders aside, here’s the interview I promised in my Favorite Decks for Fall post.  Enjoy!

As always, I use Beth Maiden (of Little Red Tarot)’s Deck Interview Spread (because it’s amazing!).  Check out her e-book for other amazing spreads!

Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?  King of Wands

Positivity, passion, inspiration!  I have used this deck for quick draws already and it’s such a positive deck!  It has a very action-oriented feel and I love that each card feels like something you can easily connect with.  These fiery antlers show strength, passion, and positivity.



What are your strengths as a deck?  Seven of Coins

I felt strongly about this being a constant work in progress, which is a beautiful thing because aren’t we all works in progress?  This deck will help take an objective view at the situation at hand and say “Is it worth going this way or should we try something else?”  The flowers in this card feel optimistic, earthy, and luscious.  They also illustrate the possibilities for new growth and expansion, which is very promising.


What are your limits as a deck?  Page of Coins

At times it might seem to lose focus or the energy might be all over the place.  Ooh, something shiny!  We’ve all been there, right?!  I feel like this is the deck’s way of telling me, or rather acknowledging, that it knows it has room to grow (hello again, Seven of Coins!) and we can do it together.



What are you here to teach me?  Queen of Coins

I love the rose crown here!  It’s so feminine, so loving, and so wonderful!  It’s everything I think a Queen of Coins should have!  It reminds me of a shielding technique I was guided to by a friend on FB.  She told me to imagine myself surround by a rose bush.  The colors could be any color I wanted, for those colors would represent my inner beauty.  The thorns would keep anyone who would do me harm away and out of my bubble of protection.  I see and feel this here and I definitely feel the comfort of the Queen of Coins.

How can I best learn and collaborate with you?  Ten of Wands

What an interesting collaborate card!  I guess I can’t ask too much of this deck…?  So far, all the fire in this deck has felt good!  Heck, even just looking at this card feels pretty good, like these are the antlers of the King of Wands before they’re fully lit.  But the stag’s face definitely looks like there’s a heavy load thrust upon him.  Maybe it’s not really about asking too much of the deck, maybe it’s about asking too much of myself and/or certain situations.  Maybe it’s telling me to simplify and get right to the point.  There’s no need to bring so much, especially when inquiring something from the cards.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?  Page of Cups

I get a playful sense with this card.  Though it’s Earthy and semi-serious with the Coins and Wands, this card is telling me we’ll have fun together!  There is a free-flowing quality to this card even though the eggs seem a little guarded in the nest.  I can feel the playfulness of the birds inside of the eggs just waiting to burst out.


Overall, I think this deck and I will have a pretty good relationship, which makes me very happy.  I adore the artwork so much and the messages come through pretty clearly.  It makes me interested in The Raven Cycle series.

Have you used this deck before?  What are your thoughts?  I’d love to know!


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