Sagittarius New Moon Spread

I haven’t posted a proper reading in a while and for that, I sincerely apologize.  2016 has been quite transformational to say the least, am I right?!  I feel like I have been reading cards pretty regularly but blogging, eh, not so much…(I’ll change that!)

I had not planned on doing anything for this particular New Moon but I felt called to as I looked outside to the gloomy sky on Monday afternoon.  With everything going on around the world, it felt like a good time to check in.  What say you, cards?

I used Vix’s New Moon Manifesting Spread with a power duo: the Starchild Tarot and the Spirit de la Lune.  H-O-L-Y W-O-W this reading was wild!!
You Are Here: Where you’re at right now.  Recognize this energy and decide if it’s useful for manifestation – Queen of Wands + Contentment

What I love about this combination is look at the Queen’s face.  She’s so content with her animal friend here.  Typically this Queen has a black cat but it looks like she has a wolf or dog companion, which is really important to me because during the School for the High Priestess, we spent some time with the Wolf.  She has such positive, fiery energy and with Contentment, she is looking at all of her accomplishments so far.  That has most definitely been ringing true.  In my morning gratitude practice, I have expanded on a few things, including being thankful for the things I have done and will do throughout the day.  At the end of my day, I thank the day for being amazing and I state my “I AM“s in preparation for my dreams and the next day.  To me, this is valuable energy for manifesting and I love that I have such fire (hello Sagittarius season!) and I am able to enjoy what I have done and rest before the fun starts again!

Mental Shifts: Mental shifts you could be making or mental shifts you want to manifest – Serenity (The Hermit) + Sovereignty

What a powerful pair!  Serenity (aka The Hermit), is all about going within, reflection, the Self and next to her, we have Sovereignty, which is about stepping into my power, embodying my power, healthy boundaries, and responsibilities.  This goes back to my journey with the Wolf.  My serene journey within asks me to embody my Self, embody my true power.  How can I shift my mental energies into something more positive and potent?  How can I expand on my gratitude practice?  How can I do what is right for myself so that I can be a sovereign goddess?

Spiritual Gifts: A reminder of your gifts and abilities or new spiritual stuff to call into your life – Ten of Crystals (Pentacles) + The Visionary (Aquarius)

I love the theme of gratitude that is running through this reading!  The Ten of Crystals is such a wonderful reminder of the abundance in my life.  I feel this is also a reflection of my creative spirit.  I love creating and I love doing, so this is such a wonderful reminder of the wellspring of creating that is welling up just waiting to overflow out!

Co-Create This: Something you can totally manifest during this New Moon cycle – The Tower + Rebirth

I was amazed at this potent combination when I flipped the cards over!  The Tower is known as one of the scary, transformational cards.  The figure has been rocked off her usually stable foundation, which has been struck.  In the fall, she is reevaluating a lot of things, which leads me to recall the Serenity card from earlier.  There is a sort of peace in her fall, and when you pair it with theme of transition of the Rebirth card, there is a very strong message for change.  I can only keep going the way I’ve been going for so long, right?  The foundation needs to be rocked a little bit for positive growth to occur.  That is where the real magic(k) is.

Ask For Help Receiving This: Ask people in your life or your Spiritual Team for help – Six of Crystals (Pentacles) + Strength

Again, what a powerful combination here!  I always think of the Six of Crystals as the “charity” card.  I thought about my Tarot Year Card for 2016, Strength, and asked myself, “How does one ask for strength if they feel as if they don’t have it?”  With the transitional energies reflected in the previous duo, it’s time to strengthen my Self to make positive changes.  The ‘Charity’ revelation will come at the end!

Star Potential: Long term potential for what you’re manifesting this New Moon – Two of Cups + Pisces (The Psychic)

The Two of Cups has always conjured up thoughts of alchemy ever since I picked up the Steampunk Tarot.  This is a harmonious card.  There is something beautiful about the balance depicted in this card.  But because there is only one figure in the Starchild Tarot, this is pointing to the balance of the Self through Self-Love.  I have a hard time relaxing, a hard truth I finally admitted to myself.  The calm look on the face of the figure in the Two of Cups is a reminder to relax.  Empaths pick up a lot and it’s important to release all unwanted energies that have been picked up throughout the day.  I see the figure in the Two of Cups cleansing herself of the emotions and bringing herself back to balance and harmony.  I guess my mission during this Moon cycle is to relax.  Let’s see how I do lol!

Using the Keepers of the Light Oracle, I asked for an Ally to help me during this Moon cycle.  I drew…Charity // Prayer and Contemplation

What!  Remember the charity from the Six of Crystals in “Ask for help” above?  Archangel Charity’s message is “Connect with Heaven.  Ask and you shall receive”.  So perfect!  I did not know about Archangel Charity until I received this deck and the more I’m reading up on her, the more I’m loving her energy!  She is the Twin Flame to Archangel Chamuel and together, they bring Divine Love to the Self.  What a perfect reflection of the Two of Cups + Pisces Self-Love energy from above!  I have added Archangel Charity’s card to an altar space (by the window) along with a prayer (found here) to invoke her presence during this Moon cycle as a guide to help me on my manifestation and transformation journey.  I am so happy she has entered my life during this wonderful time and I cannot wait to work with her more!

Have you done a New Moon reading?  What energies are you working with?  What deities are you calling upon for this Moon cycle?  Do you have big manifestation plans?  I would love to know!

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