City Mystic Paris Deck Interview

This little deck has gone through quite a bit on its journey!  I was still fairly new to the whole Kickstarter thing.  In fact, this was the first Kickstarter I had ever backed!  A little over a year later and Ginnie Jester‘s creation is finally here!  Let’s see how well we’ll work together, shall we?

As always, I use Beth Maiden‘s Deck Interview Spread.  Check out more of her amazing spreads here!
Yes, I posed the cards with my Eiffel Tower snow globe because why not!

Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? Five of Swords

What an intense reflection of the journey this deck has had!  I know there has been a lot of delays, setbacks, and speed bumps along the way but she finally made it!  The Five of Swords is heavily about betrayal, struggle, conflict, and defeat but with this card, I felt a strong sense of humility and, oh yes, the struggle was very real.  This deck has gone through so much and as I studied this card, I heard the word “humble” very clearly.  The journey has made this deck strong, even though she is relatively young. The spirit of Paris is definitely here!

What are your strengths as a deck?  Two of Cups

What a great strength!  I love the optimism reflected here.  This card is about partnership, alchemy, attraction, and relationships.  Sometimes this card gets the whole romance thing and that’s true…in a love reading.  But here, it’s so much more.  This is telling me we will work very well together.  Our opposites will attract – that’s the alchemy at work here.  There is a beautiful harmony waiting to be discovered.  This makes me even more hopeful to work with this deck!

What are your limits as a deck? Five of Cups

The first thing I noticed was the statue.  Was it the same statue that is silhouetted in the bottom right corner of the Five of Swords?  Maybe.  What I love about the statue is the sheer look of disappointment.  I also think it’s interested to have 3 of the five cups flipped over with the liquid still inside, which is an interesting reflection on hanging on to the past a little too strongly.  Those with the figure and the obstruction of the crossed lights feels very defeated.  This deck is clinging onto it’s rocky past but I feel that will change the more we work together.

What are you here to teach me? Ten of Wands

At first, I was like, “This is a heavy load to carry” but the more I looked at the lamp posts juxtaposed over the street ending with a windmill, the more I felt that the lamp posts were illuminating the end of the hard, back-breaking work, the end of carrying the load.  This windmill, to me, represents a place where I can lay down my burdens on this journey.  But at the same time, it is also telling me that working together won’t be a walk in the park.  Since this deck reads unlike any other deck I own, journeying to the messages in the cards will be its own adventure and I’m up to the task! This is definitely going to be a big responsibility and a great intuition booster. I love it!

How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Six of Cups

This deck can get a little nostalgic but only to remind us where we came from and how much we have both evolved.  I see the Cups fading in intensity.  The bottom Cups are faded and the top cups are just cutouts of themselves.  To me, the faded Cups symbolize the past – hazy, faded memories.  The Cups that look like white cutouts are glimpses into the future.  We know it’s a Cup but we don’t know what will fill it just yet.  It’s a hopeful reminder that the future isn’t set in stone.  We can use the past to learn from and we can always change how we fill our Cups.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?  XIII Death

This is not the first Major I have drawn from this deck but I was really excited that it was the only Major in this spread!  I mean, what better outcome than this?  The Death card is about transformation.  What this tells me is that our working relationship will be extremely meaningful.  Lots of hard truths will be revealed to make way for better things to enter – IF we choose to let those things go.  It’s like the butterfly entering her cocoon.  Will she emerge into the beautiful butterfly she was meant to be or will she hang on to the same ol’ shizz?  I love the faces in this card because even though the aging on the statues make it look like tears streaming down their faces (I love that!!), it’s almost like they’re looking ahead to the future – a different future, a transformational future.  It’s very optimistic!

Shadow Aspect: Ace of Swords

I wasn’t going to pull a Shadow card but when I put the deck back in its tuck box, the card looking out at me through the little window was practically begging to be added in.  The image of the person in the street art has this look of clarity and determination on their face.  They look like a strong warrior who keeps their wits about them at all times.  That being said, keeping their wits about them is also about being clear and guarded.  The spike, from a fence, is guarding something.  This card is a reflection of fighting for the truth but being very careful not to get too involved.  On the other side of this, though…usually Aces are about new beginnings and while this is still true for the Ace of Swords, this particular card in this particular position could almost be representing the reverse aspect.  Chaos, mystery, obstruction, confusion.  I find this very interesting that it could lend itself to either meaning even though the card is upright.

Wowzers!  This deck has a lot of hidden messages to uncover!


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