New Moon in Aries: Tarot Tough Love

This New Moon in Aries got super duper real with me.  Talk about Tarot Tough Love!  I haven’t had a chance to really sit down with my cards and fully check in with my Self in quite some time and I could feel the Aries fire burning brightly and a little more tumultuous than normal (quite possibly being fanned by my Libra airiness) really wanting a full-on check in.  So, I grabbed my favorite decks, invited my Spirit Squad in and asked, “Hey Self, what do you really, really want?”

I didn’t take the usual photos of the cards individually because I had not planned on sharing such a personal reading, so the format is a little different.  For this New Moon, I wanted to mix things up and I came across Ethony’s spread right on time!  I have been experiencing some extreme feels concerning work and the direction of my career and I used this fiery New Moon to give me some clarity on what my next move should be.

The Change – The Card you have chosen to represent the change you want to bring about: Ace of Pentacles 

I chose the Ace of Pentacles as my “work-related” card because, in all honesty, I would really like a new job altogether.  I’m not saying I’m ungrateful for the jobs that I have now, I just feel like I have completely outgrown one (I’ve been there for 9 years and there’s nowhere left to go), and I might be overqualified for the other but there’s a severe breakdown in communication there as well, which could be making me feel like I don’t belong.

Project – The most likely outcome/the future: Ten of Swords

The first words I wrote down were “The end of a cycle”.  After I went through with my first impressions, I went to the LWB for the Linestrider to read Siolo’s magic words.  This stuck out to me loud and clear: “…remember that rock bottom is often the very place where we start our most triumphant climb!”  So beautiful!  When I did this reading, I was feeling very bottom-y.  I didn’t really identify with “rock bottom” per sé but I felt like if the cycle I think this card was referencing wasn’t ending soon, I’d feel rock bottom pretty soon.  I’ve felt rock bottom about my long-term job many, many times.  Too many, if you ask me, and a lot of YOLO synchronicities have been coming into my life pretty frequently lately, which have served as a solemn reminder that we only have one life, why waste it on this or that.  This card always looks so ominous but this time, it feels hopeful.  I felt like those Swords were stabbing me deeply.  A painful reminder of the care I need to take for myself and my own well-being.

Protect – What you need to protect during this change: The Sun

Yet another reminder about my own well-being.  This past weekend, I got sick with some kind of stomach bug that I’m still fighting off.  While I was busy trying not to puke my brains out, I was thinking about where my light has gone.  In most of my New and Full Moon readings, Sanat Kumara comes up as my Ally card.  His message is “Shine Your Light”.  The past few months, I feel like my light has dimmed a little.  Like there’s a cloud or fog hanging around.  I used to be so bubbly, optimistic, and carefree.  I feel like now I’m just kind of here on the 3D, not really advancing because I don’t have the time.  When I drew The Sun as something I need to protect, I got that message loud and clear.  My light is still there, I just have to protect it from the things that are bogging me down.  My light used to shine so brightly, and it will again, I just need to work a little harder on protecting it  and making sure I stay shiny.  It’s no fun being that person, you know, the grumpy one…

Reject – Get rid of this: Two of Wands

My first impression of this card was “Stop trying to figure out which thing to pick and just pick one already!!”  I feel like there are a lot of things on my plate and this is telling me to trim the fat.  What kinds of foundations am I trying to put down?  Am I trying to stay in the place where I know I can’t move anywhere or advance in my career or should I be trying to pursue something else?  The uncharted?  Around Christmas time, I was telling my sister that I feel that it’s too late in my career to be doing certain things or going down a certain path and she gently (sternly) reminded me that it’s never too late for anything!  She’s right.  Maybe I’ve been going about things a certain way for too long because it has been safe.  But where has safe gotten me so far?

Neglect – Don’t forget this, it is important: Page of Pentacles

I feel like this card kind of mirrors the Ace of Pentacles, so it feels like a sort of call back to the “New job” theme of the reading.  How can I bring these big dreams of mine into reality?  What kinds of dreams do I even have?  I can’t keep neglecting these dreams!  What do my Heart and Soul really desire?  I feel like I need to take that Two of Wands energy and figure it out so that I don’t neglect that.  What sorts of dreams, ideas, and grand plans can I put into action?!

Suspect – Be careful. Continue with caution around this: Eight of Pentacles

Because this is another work-related card, one of my first impressions was that I might be wasting my talents on something.  Ding ding ding!  This definitely was echoing my lost light, the feelings surrounding my old job and the feelings surrounding my new job.  I work so hard at my craft and I’m always looking to learn, grow, and advance but in one place, I’m stuck without anywhere to advance and in the other, I’m stuck because of a lack of direction and communication, which is making me look unskilled or too skilled (depending on your perspective).  I feel like the little cat that’s sneaking around in the back is my intuition telling me to beware or where I share my Pentacles (talent).  I feel like the look on the woman’s face is saying “Look at all this beautiful work I can produce!  I’m not sure if I want to share it here, though.”  Interesting…

Magnet – Attract this as an ally: Ace of Wands

More creative, passionate, fiery (hello Aries fire!!) energy!  This is my Shia card.  You know, “Do it!”  This is definitely an extremely action-oriented card.  I guess this goes along with my fear of the unknown (as reflected in the Two of Wands) and it’s asking me to embrace the what-ifs.  I really love the foxes in the Linestrider.  They’re so playful, energetic, and mischievous.  Everything is so playful for the fox!  And the fox in this card feels so full of playful potential.  I definitely want to harness and have this wonderful energy as an ally for sure!  Unknown, here I come…?

Finally, I asked: What Archangel Michael card will help me get a new and better job in my best and highest good and in the best and highest good of all involved?  I drew Keep Your Eyes On Your Targeted Intention from the Archangel Michael Oracle.

In the words of the great philosopher Keanu Reeves, “Whoa“.  I was looking up various New Moon manifesting rituals before I found this particular spread and one thing I wanted to do was get clear on my intention.  Once I got that, I feel like that’s when the synchronicities came along: finding this spread, playing with the Linestrider and pulling the cards I did, and pulling this particular card.  I drew all this before really writing down my intentions for this New Moon and I think it’s really powerful because this card is an intense one!  After the Tarot made it very clear to me that my work situation needs to change, the fact that Archangel Michael agrees is extremely important!  I made sure to put this card in my bedroom altar, next to Sanat Kumara, of course, to remind me of my intentions.  If I could, I would put this whole reading there just to remind me of the path I want to take towards a more vibrant and better future but I took a minute to I draw it in my Bullet Journal so that I can have it with me where ever I go.

Woo!  This reading was quite personal but I felt like I needed to share it.  I feel like my cards are like, “Listen, you’ve been going down the same path and it’s time for you to change it up!”  Definitely.  I need more positive change in my life and I’ve given myself a bit of a deadline to figure out my next move.  That’s me protecting myself, which is understandable, but also trying to sort things out further as well.  Especially with Venus still Retro and Mercury coming up Retro on April 9, I’m trying not to be too wild and free with my contracts but also trying to save my sanity as well!

How was your New Moon?  Did anything major come up for you?

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