Wheel of the Year 2017 – May Card

Wheel Of The Year 2017

Another month gone! 2017 seems to be flying by, huh? How was your April?  Did you take a turn on the Wheel of Fortune?  How did it go?  Personally, I feel as though I’m hanging on to one of the spokes until I can stabilize.  What does stability mean?  Well, for starters, the Self Care section in the April Habit Tracker in my Bullet Journal was pretty empty (again!) but that could explain the need for stability.  What will May bring?

King of Wands

The fiery King of Wands!  How ambitious are your goals?  What did you set out to do this year?  Are you doing it?  I feel like this King of Wands is here to be a not-so-gentle reminder of the goals we set for ourselves this year, no matter how serene his expression may appear.

In fact, to me, his expression looks a little exasperated.  Like he’s a little frustrated at the direction we’re headed.  Personally, I feel like he’s all WTF about me hanging on to the spoke on the Wheel of Fortune.  Not gonna lie, that’s the kind of motivation I need.  I was flipping through my Bullet Journal last night and saw my Goals page.  I have some large goals filling it up at the moment, I’m just not quite sure where to start.  The Moon phases on the card are giving me some indication.

The Full Moon and I have always been besties.  I feel so completely connected to the Full Moon that I feel that the Full Moon is my optimum time.  I try to do New and Full Moon readings to check in.  We have a Full Moon in Scorpio coming up here shortly and I’m so ready to surrender the rest of my Shadow stuff to her so I can make room for the Light.  Starting the Wisdom Within School today will definitely help, I think!  I had so much fun during the School for the High Priestess and learning with Elle is amazing!  I know my Spiritual practices have fallen by the wayside lately and I’m making the commitment to get back on track.  I even started doing short morning meditations with a coworker at my morning job!

Okay, so what about this King of Wands?  What does he want from us?  What opportunities are presenting themselves for us?  Are they in our best and highest good?  Are they aligning with our goals?  Are our goals still aligned with our own best and highest good?  Which way is the Wand pointing?  Up, of course!  All of that upward energy is driving us forward, driving us upward, expanding our hearts and fueling our fires.  I can see the image of a bonfire at sunset next to a body of water (usually at Crater Lake – even though I’ve never been there physically – or the ocean).  The fire crackling away, representing our desires, the water gently lapping the shore, representing our emotions, a clear blue sky with a crisp feel in the air, representing the clarity of the mind, and the gentleness of the Earth beneath our feet, reminding us that we are always safe. This image is very strong because it is as if the King of Wands will have helped us achieve the total alignment we are seeking concerning our wants, dreams, goals, and desires during this month.

Are we going to stand there and hang on the spokes (note to self!!) or will we follow him towards our happiness and joy?

How is your year going so far?  I’d love to know!


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