The OA Spread

This might be an unpopular opinion but I loved The OA.  It was surprising in many different ways.  I really enjoy the way Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij tell stories.  It’s great to see their collaborations come to life in such a unique way.  If you haven’t seen Another Earth, I strongly recommend it!  The East is also worth the watch as well!  But I digress.

The OA was so mystical and other-worldly and it felt like an extended, or possibly a long-lost episode of Supernatural, minus Sam and Dean.  And the performances by the entire cast was wonderful!  Everyone blew me away.

I remember seeing Vix’s spread on FB forever ago and it piqued my interest, so I watched one episode and then promptly binged the whole series, as one does with Netflix shows these days.  And then, I just forgot about it.  Maybe the timing and deck choices weren’t right at that time.  Maybe this spread was waiting for me to buy the Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot (what the heck took me so long?!).  Maybe I didn’t need to deal with this intense of a look into things until now.  Who knows!  Let’s take a trip to The OA and maybe we’ll learn the 5th movement.

Just so you know, I don’t normally read with reversals.  Like, ever.  While I was shuffling my deck, I started doing it absentmindedly.  I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing.  I watched some videos on different shuffling techniques to switch up my shuffle game and just kept shuffling, shuffling, shuffling until it occurred to me that I should most definitely try this spread out as the first reading in our new apartment!

Where are you trapped? XIX The Sun RX

This stumped me quite a bit until I really looked at the mermaid’s face.  Her frown is totally upside-down and I guess mine is too.  Things aren’t lighting me up like they used to and I realized that the other day on my way to work downtown.  I realized I’m not really happy at the moment and I can’t really pinpoint why.  There are so many things that are great in my life right now but something is off.  Every night before I go to bed, I get nudged to say 3 things I’m grateful for and then I list off as many as I can before dozing off.  I’m grateful to say that my gratitude list is long but I’m also struggling with what is making me feel this way (there’s a spread for that!).

Who or what has trapped you? The Star Rx

Not going to lie, this is a little too accurate for me recently.  The Star is my jam!  She’s my bff!  I have a watercolor rendition of The Star that I painted and keep on our front door.  She’s so vibrant, full of hope and optimism but the opposite of that is definitely trapping me.  My usual cheerful optimism has been wiped, I have been spending more time than I care to admit focusing on the negative.  I don’t know when it all shifted either, to be honest.  I have been trying my hardest to get back to my optimistic self and I know it will take time.  I’m glad that my cards have reminded me.  I mean, being stuck in the negative is never good, right?  So I’m glad that they’re calling me out on it *nervous laughter*

Escape plan: Two of Swords Rx

You know, this card right here is total Libra.  Always kind of stuck by choices.  Ugh, I know this feeling all too well.  It’s funny to me that the “escape plan” is to make a freaking decision already!  Yes, it’s hard.  Being plagued by choice is such a tough place.  The “what if”s are so strong, it’s ridiculous.  I guess the bullet has to be bitten, in this case.  I’m pretty sure I know what to do, I just need to do it already.

Interdimensional assistance: Four of Pentacles

My only upright ally and he’s still roasting me in a sense.  I love that on Vix’s page, she has “Advice coming in from your Angels right about now!”  When I read that, I heard “Take control of the situation” very loudly and very clearly.  The Four of Pentacles is about hoarding, greed, and keeping things close, but in that same vein it’s about control.  You can easily control the things you hold close (for the most part).  In the grand scheme of this reading, the reversed nature of the cards feels like I’m not in control but this is saying, “Bruh…take control”.

Way out: Six of Cups Rx

I had this image of the cups pouring out, you know, since it’s reversed.  This card is nostalgic, living in the “imagine” happy past.  My memories are great and all but really, I need to learn from the past and move the eff on.  All of the past hang-ups and past trauma that is lingering really needs to be integrated, healed, and “poured out”, so to speak.  I will admit that I do like to chill out in the past longer than I should, Four of Pentacles style, but it’s not healthy.  Clearly, the “way out” of this negativity is not by learning and perfectly executing the 5 movements, it’s by letting the past go…for real this time.  I have a lot of work to be done and I know it’s easily done one step at a time and there will be times when I’ll stumble backwards or stay stuck in a part for too long and that okay.  The cards have acknowledged that.

Let me know what you think about my interpretation of reversals.  I might start doing it more!  We’ll see…this first time was a doozy.

I hope you have a wonderful day!



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