Sasuraibito Tarot Deck Interview

Sasuraibito Tarot

Oh.  My.  Glob.  This.  Deck.  I don’t think I’ve experienced #decklust or deck FOMO this hard since…I don’t know when, to be perfectly honest.  I had seen so many gorgeous photos of this “sassy burrito” deck and I just knew I had to have it.  When I felt like I couldn’t take it any longer, I went to order it but it was sold out!  Major sad face.  But then Jess posted about it and I knew that I had to keep trying so that I could finally get my hands on this lovely.  To my delight, it was back in stock (forever, I hope!) at Stasia Burrington’s shop.  Of course I ordered it immediately and of course I reveled in the gold edged, silky smooth, magical cards.  Let’s take a look at what’s in store with our budding new friendship.

Sasuraibito Tarot

As always, I use Beth Maiden‘s Deck Interview Spread.  Check out more of her amazing spreads here!

Sasuraibito Tarot
Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? VI The Lovers

I love this little image of The Lovers.  The swirls that wrap around the two figures feel like an accurate representation of the alchemy between two things.  As a characteristic, The Lovers is great because there is that feeling of desire and passion.  I can definitely feel the artist’s passion for this project perfectly wrapped in these two on this card.  I also feel as though this deck is expressing to me that we will have a harmonious working relationship.  This deck is expressive, lush, and overflowing with such beautiful imagery, we will be able to go on many journeys together and I am so excited!

Sasuraibito Tarot

What are your strengths as a deck? Seven of Cups

Usually this card brings about feeling of overwhelm and confusion but to me, this card tells me that this deck is open to many interpretations.  There is so much rich imagery in this deck that it can be read how ever, when ever for who ever.  I think it showcases the deck’s versatility in a beautiful way.  Though I’m wondering if some of the interpretation might be cloudy because it’s so open.  There is that strong element of whimsy and fantasy with this, too.  This deck is playful and might sometimes be a little too far out there, but that’s not always a bad thing!

Sasuraibito Tarot

What are your limits as a deck? XIV Temperance

I thought about the imbalance that the Seven of Cups might bring about to this by being so wide open.  But there is also an element of comfort – too much comfort if you ask me.  My dear friend Temperance likes to remind me of balance but here, Temperance is more of an instigator of losing balance.  I look at the stream of liquid between the 2 glasses and think about how that might lead me in another direction, or off on a tangent, before coming back to the original topic.  The person’s face shows determination to get on with the reading and the liquid is that slight deviation that occurs in every reading.  There might be more of that sort of thing with this deck but hey, who doesn’t mind taking the scenic route in a reading, right?

Sasuraibito Tarot

What are you here to teach me? Nine of Pentacles

I love the Nine of Pentacles so much and this one is a beauty.  I feel the wild, independent spirit of this card.  The look on their face is sheer determination, a sharp laser focus on the path ahead.  This deck is here to help me get clear on what I want in my own readings and to help others get clear in my readings for them as well.  It is a fierce reminder to do the damn work and keep going! Whatever it is we’re heading towards, we’re almost there!

Sasuraibito Tarot

How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Nine of Cups

The first thing I thought of with this version of the Nine of Cups was a playful sensuality.  There is a lot of joy in the discovery and you can really feel it!  There is a such a beautiful energy in our collaborative journey and I feel it radiating from the heart space.  I feel as though this card in this position is telling me to be open and approach all readings with an overflowing sense of radiant happiness and joy, which is something I do already, so this is a great reminder!  The other thing about this particular card is discovery.  The discovery of new ways to approach each and every reading, which is quite beautiful because that’s exactly how I’m approaching my practice!

Sasuraibito Tarot

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? II The High Priestess

I adore this rendition of my sweet friend, The High Priestess.  The branches on her crown are that delicate, but ever expanding, relationship to the Divine.  The Owl is her symbol of knowledge and  seeing the unseen.  Her feet in the water is that strong connection between the Divine and her own emotions.  Her hair, like roots of a tree, grounding her to Mother Earth, strengthening her own connection to this world.  The High Priestess is such a special card to me, especially after the School for the High Priestess.  She taught me so many beautiful ways to see the world, to change my perspective, and to strengthen and deepen my connection to my Self and I love that this deck is here to assist in that.  This feels like there will be some wonderfully deep Shadow Work sessions ahead!

If you have this deck, how do you enjoy reading with it?  I am loving it so far!  This reading has been so wonderful!  The only way I can describe it is like I’m being cocooned in some of the watercolor textures and elements of the imagery and the colors are all bleeding together, creating another beautiful color just for me.  It feels so luxurious and I am so grateful to finally have my very own copy of this deck!

To get a copy, check out Stasia Burrington’s shop or pick one up at Little Red Tarot!

I would love to know your experiences with this deck.



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