Wheel of the Year 2017 – August Card

Wheel Of The Year 2017

Summer is almost over and I think this morning, I felt the tiniest hint of Fall in the air, believe it or not!  how is your year going so far?  Mine is a whirlwind of chaos, indecision, and renewed passion for certain aspects of my life that needed a pick-me-up in the best way possible.  How about you?  Did last month’s Queen of Wands light the way?  She certainly did for me!  What fun things does August have in store?

Page of Swords

There is something quite magic(k)al about this Page. I love how the view of the stars is so clear, as is the journey down the path to the unknown ahead. It is in this clarity that we find ourselves.  We find ourselves on this path towards clarity, which I find interesting because “Clarity” is such an important word on my own path.   Though it might not always seem clear, and we might need to cut away the things that aren’t in alignment with us anymore, this card seeks to take us down the mysterious path we’re being called to move towards.

This might mean something new and different, which we shouldn’t just shrug off.  We need to embrace it.  I feel as if last month’s fiery Queen of Wands burned a lot away and has cleared some of the path for us.  It’s up to us, with the help of this Page, sword in hand, to keep clearing.  What new things await us in this month?  What things are we ready to move towards?

Personally, I have talked to a friend and coworker about some personal training stuff to work on with me and I’ve declared to spend more time for my Self in a more nourishing way.  I feel like my life has drastically turned in ways I’m not quite sure of, so I’ve been taking note of the little intuitive nudges and the one from Kelly-Ann Maddox‘s most recent upload is the loudest one of all.  I’m getting this back on track, I swear!

For another beautiful nudge of inspiration, I urge you to listen to Lindsay Mack’s podcast Tarot for the Wild Soul.  I think August’s Monthly Medicine episode is a nice compliment to this reading.

How are the other cards stacking up this year so far:

  • In January, we had a choice to make, a path to pick, with the Two of Wands.
  • February gave us the Seven of Crystals, where we were asked to assess our growth so far.
  • The Queen of Crystals visited us in March to check in with our self-care and to make sure we are acting in the love for our selves.  What is in alignment for us?  What is working and what isn’t?
  • April‘s Wheel of Fortune was giving us that necessary nudge (or push) towards our goals and to embrace the change headed our way.
  • Did the fiery King of Wands in May light up the path towards where we need to go?  Did you listen to your inner fire and passion?  Did you follow the spark?
  • Did we watch our backs or find that we gave away too much of ourselves in June when we received the Seven of Swords?
  • Were we able to focus in on our intentions, passion, and drive with the Queen of Wands?

How are all of these coming together for you?  Take some time to journal or meditate to really check in and see what’s going on so far so you can figure out your next steps forward.

How is your year going so far?  I’d love to know!


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