Eclipse Hangover

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It has been a few days but I am still feeling the effects of Monday’s eclipse!  Was that some potent energy or what?!  I was trying to find ways to honor the eclipse but it feels like she sprung up on me, even though that wasn’t the case at all!  She was a real beauty and truly a sight to behold and while I fumbled around for different things to do, this is how I honored her.

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On Sunday, I set up a New Moon Eclipse altar after listening to Chani Nicholas‘s very detailed Eclipse Season videos.  I pulled cards from the Seeds of Shakti Oracle that coincided with the New Moon and added Citrine, Black Tourmaline and my powerful Opalite lion, since the eclipse was in Leo after all.  I also pulled a New Moon Eclipse Ally from the Keepers of the Light Oracle and was delighted to see The Shekinah, an energy I have worked with before.  Then, I settled in for Chani’s beautiful meditation.

I felt like a giant Buddha floating in space between the Earth, Sun, and Moon. All versions of myself were dancing in a circle and spinning themselves into my physical body. For a moment, I felt as if I was 15 (or so) again but I was disoriented, feeling confused as to why 15-year-old me was presently here at this time. 15-year-old me started to panic a little because she wasn’t in 1995/1996 anymore and once 2017 me invited her for healing, she calmed down and reluctantly spun herself into my physical body.  Her hesitation was quite telling.

Afterwards, I felt like I had a very clear message to heal a very specific moment in my life from that time and I realized that I have never really felt such a clear, specific situation to heal especially during this eclipse and retrograde time.  Little did I know that that was only the beginning of this eclipse adventure.

On Eclipse Day, I couldn’t help but think to myself: I should have taken off work, I should have brought my heavy-duty tripod, I should have taken that day to be by myself in nature somewhere close to totality…but I did none of those things.  Instead, I went to work, a coworker and I made a DIY solar filters using an old cereal box and an extra set of eclipse glasses, and we shot our hearts out in the midst of downtown Atlanta.

Everything about it was as magical and mystical as I had hoped and wished it would be, even at 92% totality.  In the shade, the ethereal crescent moon shadows were truly a beautiful sight and I wish I could have stayed in them forever.  I can still see and feel them when I close my eyes.

With every glance up at the Sun and Moon doing their dance (with my glasses on, of course!), I felt so…small.  Without my camera, they were these 2 tiny points no larger than my thumbnail.  With my camera, they were slightly closer but still so far away.  That kind of perspective made me feel so overwhelmed with love, joy, happiness, fear, significance, insignificance, belonging, isolation…every kind of emotion imaginable.  All I wanted to do was find some place quiet to cry.

Instead, I melted in the Georgia heat and waited until I was on my way home to sob.  I wasn’t expecting something so intense but because my meditation experience was so potent and so deep, that eclipse just cracked me wide open.  I sat in front of my altar in silence for a few minutes before winding down.

The next night while I was reading tarot at an event, I used the Starchild Tarot to connect to the Cosmos and a lot of lion imagery kept coming up, which felt aligned with the New Moon in Leo Eclipse energy.  The cards were getting pretty personal, in a positive way!  Everyone was expressing some kind of issue that had been intensified by the eclipse.  I felt so honored to be there to witness and assist everyone on their journeys.  I’m hoping they let me know about the shifts coming in to their lives!

Since then, this whole week has been quite the experience.  Things have been revealing themselves to me in a whole new way.  Messages and people have been showing up in my path in such a way that is making synchronicities feel TURNT.  I feel like I am seeing things with new eyes and I am especially seeing The Hanged Man in a whole new way in readings for myself and others.  For that, I am truly grateful and excited for what will unfold next.

How was your eclipse?  Did you feel any shifts?  I would love to know!


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