Wheel of the Year 2017 – September Card

Wheel Of The Year 2017

It’s September and you know what that means? Kelly-Ann Maddox is having Self-Love September! If you haven’t followed SLS, please check it out on her YouTube and Soundcloud.  You will not be disappointed!

The journey of self-love is very important to me and I’m really excited about what is coming this month, not only with SLS but with this month’s card.  What do Self-Love September and our September card have in common? Quite a bit, actually!

Nine of Wands

I feel like the Nine of Wands is quite important, especially for Self-Love September. We are all on our self-love journeys, right? With that in mind, this card is lovingly telling us to keep going. I get a strong sense of support from this image.  You can take these Wands that can support us individually (think of a cane or a post) but when you arrange them together in such a way, their support is more even, stronger, and can create a framework for a sturdy foundation.

Did you find some sort of clarity in last month‘s Page of Swords?  What have you found yourself moving towards?  Now, think of how the resilient Nine of Wands can help.  Wands are passion, Wands are fire, drive…with that kind of persistent energy, what can you accomplish this month?

Personally, I am going to hunker down and focus on my self-love journey.  I feel like the soldier that is typically depicted on this card.  I feel a little battered, strained, and exhausted.  But I also feel perseverance, resilience, and a heck of a lot of courage to keep going.

The image in the Starchild Tarot above feels like the arrangement of Wands is reframing the way I perceive things, changing my perspective on things.  Why?  The faint white sacred geometry in the center is reminiscent of the symbolism of the Crown Chakra.  When our Crown Chakra is open, we can have clarity, our awareness is deepened, we are more open to things greater than us.  With that kind of openness, we take a stand to see things differently, change our perspectives, and rise above the challenges that might face us.

How will you take on this month?  What are you looking to achieve?

How is your year going so far?  I’d love to know!


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