Wheel of the Year 2017 – November Card

Wheel Of The Year 2017

I always feel like November is The Darkest Month™. Why? I don’t know. I guess transitioning from light to darkness seems to move in a pretty blunt way instead of smoothly, especially here in Atlanta. It went from hot to cold in a snap and I’m sure it will get hot again out of nowhere before it gets cold again. I should be used to it by now, I’ve been here almost 30 years! But no, I will never get used to erratic Georgia weather.

How was your October? Did anything reveal itself beyond the veil? Did you listen to your intuition and take some much needed time for self-care? Not gonna lie – I didn’t and now I’m suffering a bit with a sinus thing but I did have some beyond the veil revelations that were quite beautiful.

Nine of Cups

I’m really excited about November’s card because it’s traditionally the luckiest card in the whole deck! The Nine of Cups is this overflow of joy, luck, happiness, abundance…anything and everything great and wonderful is here, in this card!

What I love about this version from the Starchild Tarot is the sense of symmetry.  There’s a beautiful balance in the background and the Cups are placed around just so.  No quite mirrored, but not too far off from each other either.  That makes me think of the things we hold dear.  Some things are held closer while others are further away.  To me, the waterfall is the welling up and overflowing of our intuitive subconscious.  Everything has been leading up to this beautiful feeling of things being as they should be…for the moment anyway.  Things are flowing, things are coming together, things are feeling abundant.

Have you been manifesting something that has started to finally take shape?  Are you laying out plans for something bigger and better in the months ahead?  This card is here to support you to let you know that you’ve got this!  What ever it is that you’re working toward, you are on the right track!  Follow that gut feeling and listen to where it guides you.  Are you finding out that the things you once wanted to draw in are things you’d rather wash away or are they flowing in with ease?  Check in and make sure that everything you’re wishing for is something you actually want!

How is your year going so far? I’d love to know!


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