Deck Interview: Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck


She’s here! The Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot deck is in my hands and I am absolutely in love! It was love at first sight with this deck, and now, with the cards in my hands, I fall more and more in love with them every day. It’s such a special deck created by amazing people and it’s always such a joy to read with. Check it out!


As always, I like to use Beth Maiden’s Deck Interview Spread, which you can find here.


Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? Six of Wands

The look on the guy’s face is so confident.  That confidence radiates throughout this whole deck, not just with the gold (!!!) but with the vibrant tones and full expressions of the figures featured throughout. This deck is radiant, brimming with light, high vibes, and hidden messages waiting to be discovered.



What are your strengths as a deck? IX The Hermit

There’s a deep sense of inner knowing with this deck.  The Hermit in this deck invites everyone it has an encounter with on their own introspective journey.  As a deck, the Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot illuminates those deep, dark aspects of ourselves and wants us to spend time with it.  It wants to take us on a deep Soul journey.  Everyone I have read for with this deck has had some sort of Soul message come out and it has been well received so far.

Untitled What are your limits as a deck? Five of Swords There are some mixed feelings here.  I feel as though there is a heavier emotional side to this deck, rather than logic-minded and it feels like that’s what limits it.  The limitations feel as though they come from the space of leading too much with the heart and not the mind.  Though the face on figure in the card shows softness.  It’s almost as if the figure is contemplating the light of The Hermit‘s lamp and thinking to himself, “It’s okay to be emotionally free-flowing.  Not everything has to be so harsh.”  Even this figure has been taken on The Hermit‘s introspective journey! Untitled

What are you here to teach me? VI The Lovers

Harmony, balance, beauty, compassion, love.  Those are the words that popped up for me when I turned this card over. There is a sweet sense of compassion here. The readings I have done with this deck so far have been amazingly soft and gentle. Even the Three of Swords is a gentle card in this deck. I think The Lovers are here to teach me the sweetness of things, to show me the positivity in all things. I think I can get lost in the haze sometimes, and it’s hard to come back.

Untitled How can I best learn and collaborate with you? XVIII The Moon This card and I have had such a loving a beautiful relationship since the art for this deck was first revealed. Trusting my intuition, diving deep, seeing what is normally unseen. This deck is my light in the darkness. I find that funny because my Tarot of Delphi is also my light in the darkness. There are beautiful shadow qualities here and there is a lot to be found in trusting the Self. I think instead of fearing the shadows and darkness, I should embrace it and see what is revealed.


What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Ace Of Wands

I love that the hand is grasping in the middle of the Wand. It’s so full of passion and raw power. There is a sense of adventure and wonder with this creator feeling. It’s a strong burst but instead of fizzling out slowly, the flames stay strong. It fuels the fire, it keeps the excitement, and the magick stays burning brightly throughout!

What a magnificent energy to work with! Every time I read with this deck, people love it. They love the imagery, they love the messages, they want to touch the cards and feel their magick for themselves. It truly is an amazing work of art and wonderful divination tool.

Do you own this deck? If so, how is your experience with it? I’d love to know!

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