Shadow Working a Year Later

Just so you know, this post is going to get a little raw and deeply personal and it all starts with FB “innocently” reminding me that last year, I was in Kentucky. What was I doing there? Trying to be as good a friend as I could be.  Did it work?  Who know but thanks, FB Memories, my day was going pretty well until that dumb little post.

*Trigger Warning* Alcoholism

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You’re The Only Ten I See

Street Art, Nashville, TN

I know I’ve been away from social media for quite a while but I needed a break.  Working the way I was at my day job (non-stop, 13+ hour days…) and not sleeping all too well was leaving me burnt out.  I would check my inboxes (work and personal) and get overwhelmed.  Every notification that popped up on my phone screen would give me a tight feeling in my chest.  I tried to hop back in to FB and IG but after I would post something, I felt like I wasn’t really being true to myself, if that makes sense.

My boyfriend and I had a trip planned to Tennessee to get away from work and school (for him) for just a moment and I realized that I need Self-Love September and Sound & Sessions more than ever.  Tennessee reflected a lot of things back to me that I needed to hear, see, experience, and notice at this particular point in my life.  And it’s a beautiful place!

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A Trip To North Georgia

Georgia Guidestones

Since I chime in on the Q the A podcast from time to time, I thought it would an appropriate Q the A field trip to one of Georgia’s mysterious landmarks: the Georgia Guidestones.  I asked if Eon K. Grissom and his lovely (pregnant) wife would accompany my boyfriend (Eon’s wife’s brother) and I to the Guidestones for a fun trip a couple of hours north to which they totally agreed!  While I was looking up further info on the Guidestones – who am I kidding, I was on Tumblr – I saw a post about a tree that owns itself in Athens, Georgia, which I figured we could see on the way back from the Guidestones.

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