Shadow Working a Year Later

Just so you know, this post is going to get a little raw and deeply personal and it all starts with FB “innocently” reminding me that last year, I was in Kentucky. What was I doing there? Trying to be as good a friend as I could be.  Did it work?  Who know but thanks, FB Memories, my day was going pretty well until that dumb little post.

*Trigger Warning* Alcoholism

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Thoughts on Lack, Belonging, and Saturn

The other night, I was listening to a webinar featuring Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer.  The topic was about rejection and she took us through a short hypnotherapy session to go back to the first time we felt rejection.  Needless to say, the session brought a lot of ~feels~, which got me thinking…

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July Obscure Sorrows Tarot Challenge

For all of July, I’ve been taking part in La Reine de L’air‘s Obscure Sorrows Tarot Challenge on Tumblr and Instagram.  It has been very eye-opening to say the least!  I was approaching it from a detached place at first because I wasn’t quite ready to dive right in to Shadow Work for the Summer but as it has been progressing, the sunny Summer is getting pretty shadowy!

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