The 888 Power Tarot Spread

888PowerSpread_08262015Yet another amazing Instagrammer shared another amazing spread and I was blown away by it!  Lisa Frideborg Eddy – who I follow intensely – shared a wonderful post to her Instagram about yesterday being the last of the 888 days in 2015.  She directed us to her website where she had a tarot spread ready and waiting to help us tap into this 888 power!

I, being me, got overly excited and couldn’t wait to do it!  I immediately laid out my reading cloth, picked not one but TWO goal cards (they go hand-in-hand) and got to work on what it would look like manifesting said goal(s).  It was great!  I’m wondering if this could be adapted for a more general purpose.  Probably so, right?  Check out the details on her blog and dive in with me below!

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