Wheel of the Year 2017 – October Card

Wheel Of The Year 2017
How has September treated you? September’s message in the Nine of Wands hit me pretty hard that month.  The phrase that kept coming up for me was “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” – myself included.  If anything, September’s message was that of resilience and courage.  Where did you find your resilience and courage?  How will that transition us into October?

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Spirit de la Lune Spiral Moon Spread


I finally was able to spend some quality time with my Spirit de la Lune deck!  I’ve had it for longer than I’d like to admit but I felt like it was finally time to work with it since the new Linestrider came in.  I could almost feel them calling out to each other!  I thumbed through the Spirit de la Lune book to find a pretty interesting-looking spread called the Spiral Moon Spread.  It’s a lovely spread and I’m so happy that I’ve taken my time with it.

How well do these two play along?  Let’s find out!

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